My current workout wish list for getting back into a routine...


Finally after a tough first half of 2023  I am slowly getting back to some form of routine which means I can start adding in more workouts. The return of the football season has definitely helped spur me on a bit with my journey however, the main factor is definitely the fact I am back at the stage of hating my reflection once more and also feeling uncomfortable throughout the day again. I don't want to continue feeling like this so I am making the weight loss and fitness journey my main priority once more, but I will go into that in a separate post as there is a lot due to change to help me achieve my goals. One of the main things I am doing at the moment though is getting back into my working out. I am getting back into football regularly due to the season starting back up, I am also getting back into my boxing and I am trying to hit as many weeks as possible before the end of the year before increasing the amount I go in 2024 as I have definitely slacked in 2023. I am also thinking of doing more Park Runs before the end of the year but before I do that I might try to actually complete the Couch to 5K this time around but I am determined to get running properly for the remainder of the year. 

I have really missed working out so I can easily say I am looking forward to getting back into the routine of regular workouts and I know my journey is going to benefit from this. Something that I know is going to motivate me too is picking up some new goodies to encourage me and help make the workouts a bit easier so here is my current wish list of the clothing and accessories that I would love to pick up to make the workouts more enjoyable and just that little bit easier...

High 5 energy & hydration

For some reason I keep gravitating towards the High 5 energy gels and hydration tablets, I never picked any up though as I didn't feel I actually had a use for them. With me back at football, planning on running and just upping the intensity of my workouts in general I think it is time I purchased the energy gels for game days and the hydration tablets for day to day as they could be really useful for my journey as hydration is something I keep neglecting these days. They actually do packs with a mix of products so the aim is to pick one of these up to see if there is any benefit.

Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones

I have been on the hunt for some good headphones for a while now and I keep seeing people working out in these all over my social media so they must do the job right. These are on the wish list as I want some good quality headphones for when I am working out in the home gym once it is done so I can just get in the zone and focus on the task at hand. No doubt they would be used for editing etc too as projects get up and running so I would definitely get plenty of use out of them. 

Beats Fit Pro earphones

I know I have literally just said I want the headphones but the earphones are also on the wish list as I want something a bit smaller for if I am out in the garden doing some solo football training or if I am out running. Music definitely helps me get the most out of my workouts and these are nice and compact so won't annoy me like some previous earphones have done. Again these are on the more expensive side of things however, I know I am going to get my use out of them and they will help me stay focused for those workouts.

Gymshark 1/4 zip

There is nothing better than a 1/4 zip for working out on those colder days in my opinion and I have had my eye on a few Gymshark ones for a while now to add to my ever growing collection. A new Gymshark one would definitely be great for boxing as it is freezing in the gym I go to for the sessions but it will also come in handy for any running or outdoor solo football sessions I do just to add a bit of extra warmth. I just don't know if I should wait for the Black Friday sales to hopefully get one of these or just treat myself a little earlier.

Gymshark t-shirt

I already have a fair few Gymshark t-shirts in my workout collection but I definitely want to add a few more as the ones I currently have are getting a bit too big for me. The Gymshark t-shirts are definitely a firm favourite though as they are a great fit without being restrictive and are really comfortable for working out in. No doubt over the next few months a few more of these t-shirts will be coming into the house and I think I could end up in Gymshark for all my workouts rather than mix and matching brands.

Boxing gloves

If I am going to boxing more often I definitely want some new boxing gloves as my originals from 2021 just don't cut it anymore. I am wanting something with a bit of colour on them and I have seen a few different options on Amazon that I like the look of so I think a bit of a treat is in order. The ones I have seen aren't that expensive either so I am looking forward to picking up a new pair and getting back to those regular sessions.

So there you have it those are the items that are currently on my wish list for working out, maybe a bit of newness might keep the motivation and momentum going so that I can finally see progress on my journey once more and end 2023 much better than the rest of the year has been.

What is on your workout wish list?

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