The go to items I wear for football training and playing...

Oh the joys of playing football again, there is nothing better than getting ready on a gameday in your teams kit, lacing up your boots and heading to the pitch. I really have missed the feeling of doing this and now I am back I am falling in love with getting ready for games once more. With it being autumn and the temperature dropping the layers are in full force but I love it, I am enjoying getting ready for training too as it is giving me the chance to wear my 1/4 zip tops a whole lot more and we all know I absolutely love them. So here is what I tend to wear for training and on a gameday...

First up we have training, I actually finding myself looking forward to training and I love searching through my workout clothing to find what to wear each week and to be honest each week I opt for different tops whilst the bottoms stay exactly the same. First up for the socks I always wear the Sondico Elite football socks, these are more expensive than the basic ones but I find that they fit much better and have a more cushioned feel which is definitely needed in the boots I currently wear. Under the socks I have my Puma shinpads which surprisingly fit perfect and are held in place with some Nike sleeves as my Puma ones have gone missing surprise, surprise. In terms of shorts again I just picked up a few Sondico pairs from Sports Direct as they are pretty cheap but fit really nice, under these though I always have on my Sondico Core shorts which just provide an extra layer and are a compression fit which helps with my circulation throughout the training session. On the top with the weather dropping a lot colder it is all about layers that aren't going to restrict my movements and luckily with the items in my workout rotation at the moment I can piece together multiple items and not have to worry about feeling restricted. I tend to reach for a simple Gymshark t-shirt for training as they fit me the best at the moment, then I will throw on a 1/4 zip over the top just to make sure I am staying warm whilst having the hour long session, my favourite 1/4 zip for training in at the moment is definitely this BoohooMan one as it fits really nice and looks pretty good too. On my feet I just wear my firm ground boots which I really aren't a fan of but more on those later.

I haven't played many games just yet due to other commitments clashing however, my game day outfit isn't going to change other than if the weather warms up or if we need to play in our alternate shirt. Obviously on top I have our teams shirt which is either the red or yellow one depending on who we are playing or what is picked in the run up to game day. With it being cold I am currently wearing the Sondico Core compression shirt, this just helps me stay warm and honestly I feel that bit more comfortable having this under my shirt, the only time I won't be wearing this is when it really starts to warm up but who knows if that will happen during the season with how the weather has been lately. On the bottom we have the club shorts which I ordered in a size below my usual, I was hopeful that they would fit when the arrived and they are a bit tight but still work perfectly fine as they don't restrict my movement. I of course then have those Sondico Core shorts on underneath to give me an extra layer and help with circulation during the game. In terms of socks I always wear some of the Nike ankle socks as I like how comfortable they feel however, over the top I have the kit socks which are surprisingly comfortable, I hadn't heard of the brand before but they are really thick yet not too tight which has been an issue with football socks in the past. I think I prefer these socks over the Sondico ones I wear for training they are that comfortable. Under the socks I have the same Puma shinpads and Nike sleeves that I wear for training the only difference is on game day I will wrap some sock tape around them to really make sure that they stay in place and don't start slipping around. 

For both training and game day I wear my Adidas Ghosted firm ground boots, these were under £30 as they are a very low take down model and I will be honest now I am wearing them more often I am starting to realise I really don't like them. I feel like I can feel every mould under my foot and they just aren't comfortable. By Christmas these will hopefully be replaced by a Nike pair which are quite a bit more expensive but I know they are going to feel better on foot and to be honest I much prefer Nike boots and always have it is just a case of working out which pair I am going to enjoy wearing for a long time. Now I know I am going to be playing and training a lot more I know I can justify paying for a better quality pair.

Now it is time to hit the ground running and get more games and training sessions under my belt. I am so glad to be back playing. 

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