If I could only buy this autumn...

This autumn I am having to restock quite a few items in my wardrobe as unfortunately the down side to losing all this weight is that nothing fits me properly anymore. I want to purchase some new items that fit me right but don't break the bank as I aren't planning on fitting in them too long as I push towards my weight loss and fitness goals. I do want to make sure the items I am buying though aren't too cheap and will last for both the autumn and winter whilst also fitting in with the rest of my wardrobe. So here is what I would purchase if I could only buy one item to fill each category this autumn...

The hoodie 

I absolutely love these simple Nike hoodies with just the small logo on the chest. I have tried one on in the past and it fit really nice and was really comfortable which is exactly what you want from a hoodie. These are quite reasonably priced and I know that Nike lasts so I think it is time I invested in one at long last plus when it doesn't fit I can always use it for lounging around in as the weather gets colder. There are a lot of different colour options for this hoodie but I think I might go for a black or grey for layering in the cold autumn months.  

The sneakers 

Do I really need any more sneakers? Probably not but I can't help doing a bit of window shopping lately and that window shopping has led to me falling in love with a certain pair of Nike sneakers. I have had a pair of red Nike Blazers for years now and they are still going strong. That is why I want to treat myself to a pair of white ones with the black Swoosh. These will go with 99% of my wardrobe and just look a lot smarter than other sneakers I own and will be perfect for the outfits I want to create in the colder months.

The flannel shirt  

In the autumn a flannel shirt is an essential item for me. If I am going out anywhere or even just heading to work there is a high chance I will be wearing a flannel shirt. My wardrobe is full of them in different colours but they have been around for a while now, they are getting big for me and some are starting to look a little worse for wear so it is time to grab a new one for this autumn. H&M have them for a really reasonable price and they fit me better than ones from other stores so I will definitely be heading there to see what colour I can pick up for this autumn.

The bottoms  

Now normally this would be a pair of checked trousers, but my wardrobe is absolutely full of those at the moment. That is why this time around I would love to try something different, I am absolutely love cargo pants and have a few pairs now so I would love to add to that this autumn. I love the Jordan cargos that are available, and they are different to other cargos I own so maybe it is time to give them a try. Who knows if I get them they could end up being a pair I purchase over and over again as my size changes.

The jeans 

I am going through far too many pairs of jeans at the moment. They just don't seem to fit me for 2 minutes and a lot of my darker coloured pairs are way to big for me now. I tend to get all my jeans from Sainsbury's these days so I will be heading there soon to pick up a new pair of black jeans, I would love a skinny pair but lately I have been preferring the slim fit options they sell so if I can only get one pair of jeans this autumn it will be a pair of slim black ones.

The smart coat 

My coat collection is more suited for trips to the football than nice days out but I want to change that. I have seen so many smart looking coats that I would to try but this grey one from George at Asda is standing out to me the most. It is a bit of a longline coat which is something I wouldn't usually go for due to my height but I love it. I think if I try this on and like it the purchase will be made almost immediately. It would help create some great smart casual outfits for those colder shopping trips.

The everyday coat 

As I said before my coats at the moment are more suited for sitting out in the cold watching the football, I did have a Superdry coat for everyday wear however, this ripped recently so it is time for an upgrade as it was getting a bit big anyway. I would really love a North Face jacket but I think that is going to have to wait until I am at the target weight due to the cost of them. In the meantime though I am going to look for something similar on a budget.

The jewellery 

I have noticed that I tend to wear more jewellery in autumn, I am not sure why but that seems to be the way it goes. I have a few necklaces that are perfect for adding a little something extra to an otherwise simple outfit. What I am really lacking though is some rings that is why if I only buy one piece of jewellery it will be a new ring. I have been looking at a few Serge Denimes ones lately so no doubt it will be one of those that I go for. 

The fragrance 

I have been living in the CK Summer fragrance for the past few months but with the weather changing it is time to get a more autumnal that is a bit heavier and fits the season better. I have plenty of fragrances at the moment but they are much more suited to the summer weather so it is time to purchase something new. I think if I buy any fragrance this autumn it is going to be the Tom Ford black orchid one as I have this in the past and it became one of my all time favourites. The only issue is the price of this but it does make it worthwhile when you get plenty of compliments on it. 

The accessory 

Finally we have the accessory, if I can only buy one this autumn it is definitely going to be a new beanie. I absolutely love wearing hats in the autumn especially when they go with my outfit, I already have a grey one but I don't have a black one so that is going to be top of the priority list. I want one that is going to last me though so I am definitely going to have to shop around. If I can't find the perfect black one though I think I am going to get a different coloured one but make sure it goes with plenty of my wardrobe. 

So there you have it, if I could only buy one item from each category this autumn that is what I would buy. I am hoping that I can stick to just buying one item from each category as I am sick of wasting money on loads of clothing that doesn't last two minutes due to my weight loss. Plus with how bills are rising here in the UK I really do need to get saving more than I am currently doing. I am trying to do much better with my money and the items I am buying so fingers crossed doing this will be a big help. 

What is one item you would love to buy for the autumn?

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