September Favourites

September came and went in a flash, it was yet another busy month with so much going on including my Birthday but we have certainly made the most of the month and got so much done. I feel like I have barely been home this month which is a bit of a good and a bad thing as I have loved everything I have done but at the same time I could really have done with just sitting and relaxing. With September being another busy month once again I have discovered a lot of new favourite things alongside rediscovering old ones which have once again played a big part in September. So here are the favourites that made the cut this time around...


Football shirts

You will see in my new in post that September was a month where a fair few new football shirts were added to my collection, which I have to say is getting way too out of control at the moment. I can't complain though as the new additions are firm favourites at the moment as the have all been in support of my favourite female players. I have to admit too I seem to have been living in football shirts at the moment as they are the only shirts that fit me properly, but I can't complain as you can't beat a good football shirt.


Heading to the driving range 

Liam has got right into going to the driving range lately and the Sunday after my birthday he took me along and to be honest I am hooked. We have made it routine to go on a Sunday morning before we do anything else and it is nice to just go do something together that doesn't involve football but we both enjoy. He has gone as far as invested in a set of clubs and I keep stealing them as I am determined to get good and actually get it beyond 50 yards.


Having a blogging space

I honestly think one of the best things I have done this year is turn the spare room into an office area so that I have my own little area to sit and do anything blog related. Throughout September I have spent a lot of time in this room just getting things perfect, building the best set up whilst also creating plenty of blog posts and taking plenty of blog images. It is great having somewhere to consistently take photographs without having to change everything around. It is definitely making blogging life easier and I am sure it will continue this way for a very long time.

Health & fitness

Getting back to football 

I have said it before and I will say it again, I never ever thought that I would be back playing football but here I am. I had my first training session in September which I actually really enjoyed and it has been a month of getting ready for the start of the season in October. Going back to football has made me more determined to smash my goals as I know smashing them will really benefit me playing football too. I am sure this is going to become a pretty common favourite once the season gets going.

So there you have it those are my favourites from September. What are your favourites from September 2022? 

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