The clothing I want to re-invest in this autumn...


Well autumn has well and truly arrived with cold weather rolling in a lot sooner than I hoped it would. Autumn is one of my favourite times of year as I absolutely love layering up and having cosy nights in after sitting freezing at the football. I don't tend to go out much in autumn other than to watch the football but when I do go out I like to play around with my clothing to layer up and create the perfect outfit. My biggest issue at the moment though is due to my weight loss I barely having any suitable autumn clothing that fits me and it is driving me insane at the moment trying to get ready on a morning, everything is far too oversized or still a bit too tight which certainly isn't ideal especially when it comes to layering up, I don't want everything oversized and hung off me. This got me thinking about what items I would really want to purchase for the autumn season which I would really get the wear out of and wouldn't just be hung in the wardrobe unworn like some items previously have been. So here are the items I would love to rebuy or add to my wardrobe this autumn...

Chunky knits

I had quite a few chunky knits from Primark last year and I loved wearing them for work or those shopping trips where I wanted to make a bit more of an effort. I tried on the ones I owned recently though, and they just hung off me so I definitely need to restock these for the autumn season as no doubt I will end up wearing these in winter too so I would definitely get my money worth. I am thinking grey, navy, maroon and even some autumnal brown ones of these for this year.  

Long sleeved t-shirts

I got some plain black long sleeved t-shirts last year and found these were perfect for layering, I had them under shirts and hoodies and felt comfortable and warm all day long. I definitely want to add more of these to my wardrobe this autumn as they soon became an essential item for me, I am hoping to get them in a few more colours too so that I have a few more options. I also fell in love with printed long sleeved t-shirts last year so again I will be adding a few more of these to my wardrobe ready to style with my cargo pants which I won't be stopping wearing anytime soon.

Rugby shirts

This is a new one that I have surprised myself with to be honest as I never thought I would own one of these. I picked one up from Primark recently and absolutely fell in love with the fit of it and came up with countless ways to style it which again surprised me as I thought I would struggle with that. I am definitely on the lookout for more of these in different colours as I can see them becoming an item I wear a lot over the next few months. 

Plain hoodies 

Now when I say plain hoodies I don't mean 100%, they can have small logos on, I just don't mean the ones I currently have where the prints take up the whole front or back of the actual hoodie. I just want some simple coloured plain hoodies that I am going to be able to layer under my dark denim jacket or as a way to dress down a blazer look, which is something I have seen on Pinterest and really want to try. I think 3 hoodies a black, a grey and a white would work well but then again who knows what other colours I could find and style. H&M and Nike have been the ones I have been looking at the most lately and I think these will be the ones I purchase first. 

Shirts for work

Working in an old building at this time of year is not ideal, the building is cold all the time so out go the t-shirts I have lived in all summer and in come the long sleeves which could easily become a favourite as I have seen a fair few shirts, that I want that are thicker than normal and will certainly make my outfits a bit smarter this time around. By adding these to the wardrobe it should really make a bit more effort with my work outfit plus it might also break it up for me as I would finally have work clothes and out of work clothes.

Checked shirts

Is it even autumn if I aren't wearing checked shirts far too often? Of course it isn't. I need to purchase a few new ones though this year as others are either too big now or are looking a bit worse for wear. There are some nice coloured ones in H&M at the moment and I think a few of them are going to be added into my wardrobe very soon. I definitely love styling checked shirts more than anything else in my wardrobe, so I am really looking forward to experimenting this season with both new and old checked shirts. 


I used to absolutely love wearing blazers over a t-shirt but I no longer have any that fit me. It is time to get a few different blazers back into the wardrobe though for this autumn as I really want to try recreating some looks, I have seen on Pinterest where it is a blazer over a hoodie with some nice jeans. I am thinking of getting a nice black one, a grey one and possibly even a checked one. I just need to make sure they don't look too much like they are workwear and are more casual. 

Black jeans

Out of all the black jeans I currently own I think I have 2 pairs that fit me but they are starting to fade so I definitely need to get rid of these and finally purchase some new ones. I know I definitely want a new slim fit pair & a new skinny pair but I am also considering purchasing a ripped pair as I think that they would go well with the style I am leaning towards this autumn. I am definitely struggling when it comes to buying jeans at the moment so honestly I will take what I can get.

Checked pants

The past few autumns I have ended up living in checked pants. They just create much smarter outfits than jeans do and I actually feel really comfortable in them which is always an added bonus. I have always had my favourite pair from Matalan, I actually had 3 sizes of the same style at one point I loved them that much. My favourites are all too big or too worn out for me now so it is time for a restock.

Thick coat

It is time for me to invest in a much thicker coat than I have already. My Nike and Gymshark jackets aren't going to cut it on the much colder days so I am thinking of investing in a padded jacket that will hopefully keep me a lot warmer for those days out. I really want a North Face jacket this year but with the cost of them and how my size is changing I think I am going to find a cheaper alternative to one of these and save up for the real thing when my weight and size is where I want it to be and where it is going to be kept for a while. 


I don't know why but I have wanted a gilet for the longest time and I think this autumn could be the time when I finally purchase one. I have had my eye on a few different ones at the moment but I am not 100% what style I want just yet. Either way when I do get one it will be used for layering on the cooler days, going to golf and going on walks. It is time to finally find the perfect gilet and make the purchase at long last. 

Biker style boots

Oh look here we are again, Lucy's wanting to wear something other than sneakers but is she actually going to purchase some this year? Well I am hoping if I find the perfect pair I will finally make the purchase. I have seen a few pairs that I want to try on so let's hope one of those pairs feels like the perfect one. These would certainly go with the style I am aiming for this autumn and it might finally make outfits look smarter than when I style them with sneakers.

Dr Martens

Another pair of footwear other than sneakers that I have been after are the classic Dr Marten lace up boots. I keep putting this purchase off due to the price though so maybe I will use some of the money I have saved up to treat myself to a pair at long last. I think I am going to get these in black, so they go with more of my wardrobe when I do finally purchase a pair. I think if I got these for autumn I would definitely get a fair amount of wear out of them plus they would definitely come in handy in the winter months as they will have a lot more grip than the sneakers I currently wear. Is it time to splash out on these boots at long last? 

Nike Blazers

I have had one pair of Nike Blazers for years and they are still going strong, the only problem though is they are bright red so don't really go with a lot of my current wardrobe. I have seen a few simple colourways such as white & black ones that are going to work with everything in my wardrobe. These would look great with the rugby shirts and chunky knits I am planning on wearing all autumn. They aren't too expensive either so should be the perfect addition and will hopefully last a while like my other pair. 

Thick socks 

Granted I wear the Nike sports socks all year round but this time of year calls for some that are a little bit thicker especially if I am planning on wearing boots. Primark usually have some pretty decent packs of thicker socks for me to get stocked up on and they are good value too. No doubt though I will just end up opting for more Nike socks as they are just so comfortable. 


As someone who suffers from Raynaud's gloves are essential when the temperature drops. I like to make sure I have a few fingerless pairs for the autumn time as well as some thinner pairs just in case. I currently only have a pair of Manchester United gloves so it is time to invest in some new ones. I am also going to try get some that are suitable for when I am playing football as I know I am definitely going to need them for this when the temperature drops.


It has been a while since I treated myself to a new beanie hat but this year I already have my eye on a few different ones from different brands. I have silly coloured ones at home currently so I want some more neutral ones that go with more of my outfits so that I can wear them a lot more often as I have always loved wearing hats. The silly coloured ones can then be reserved for watching the football in. 

Thick pyjamas 

With the cost of bills increasing, we are trying to find ways to stay warm without putting the heating on, plus there is nothing better in the cold weather than snuggling up in some thick cosy pyjamas so this autumn I am going to be purchasing a fair few pairs that are going to take me into winter too. I am thinking 3 pairs should do the trick and I am really looking forward to finally getting some as it means I will be nice and warm when in the games room for those long gaming sessions too.

So there you have it those are the items I will be looking at adding into my wardrobe this autumn. Fingers crossed these items will all help keep me nice and warm throughout the season and no doubt they will also be perfect for going into winter too which gives me the perfect excuse to actually buy them.

What is one item that you have on your autumn wish list? 

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