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Well I wasn't planning on spending much this month and honestly I didn't think I had until I sat writing this post and my eyes were suddenly opened as to where all my money actually went. I honestly didn't realised just how much I had spent throughout the month and looking back now as few purchases were definitely impulse ones that maybe I shouldn't have bought but I decided it was time to treat myself, I really need to stop telling myself this though as it is costing me a fortune. Here is what I ended up treating myself to this month...

Well this was probably my biggest impulse purchase of the month because did I really need a Rocket Raccoon backpack? The answer to that question is definitely a no but it just looked so cute I couldn't resist. I have to admit it was the fluffy tail and ears that sold me on this. I think it is going to become my new work backpack as it is easily going to fit in my laptop and notebooks for my lunchtime blogging.

I am embracing spooky season this year and I was going to decorate the house for the occasion but I only ended up purchasing this set of little pumpkins. I love how they look and they are definitely going to come in handy for plenty of years as they are quite good quality for the price. I can't decide though whether they are going in the living room or the games room.

I needed to restock my hairspray and to be honest I was getting bored of the Got2be one and was starting to find it a bit expensive. With me trying to watch my money a bit more I ended up opting for this Shockwaves as I got to cans for the price of 1 Got2be one. I am hoping this change is going to be a good one as it could save me a lot of money in the long run.

This bar of soap is another change I am trying to make as it was just £1 for 2 bars so it is much cheaper than the shower gel I have been using and also is going to be better on the environment which is an added bonus. This is one of my favourite Lynx scents so I am really hoping the change from gel to a bar is a good one as it is going to save me a fortune and be a much more sustainable choice in the long run.

My skin has been awful in recent months so I am trying to build a skincare routine to stick to which is going to hopefully to make my skin look a whole lot healthier. I found this brush set for £2.99 in Home Bargains recently and thought I would give it a try to see if it is any help at all in working the products into my skin a bit more. I have wanted one of these for a while so fingers crossed it does the trick and doesn't break easily.

Did I buy this magazine just for the picture on the cover? Well I guess you could say that is partly true but I was also really looking forward to reading Leah Williamson's interview in here. Leah is one of the players I love to watch and for such a young age she really is an inspiration to a lot of people. I am really looking forward to sitting down and reading this properly as I think it is going to be a really interesting read. 

It was definitely another football related month of purchases as you will see in the remainder of this post. I found these books in the kids section in WH Smiths and couldn't resist picking them up as they actually feature some bits about the women's game. I am loving seeing the women mentioned a whole lot more and I know these are going to be easy reads that I enjoy and who knows in a few years I might be reading some of the stories to my nephew. 

The two books I just spoke about were actually on a 3 for 2 offer and I found the perfect addition... a colouring book. Again this features some of my favourite female players so I couldn't leave it behind. I am trying to switch off and relax a lot more and I think this colouring book could easily be the perfect addition to a relaxing nighttime routine.

We have transformed the spare room into an office area for me and it is finally complete for now. The backdrop for any video calls is now fully football related and I love it. to create the backdrop we ended up getting an Ikea Kallax unit where we have displayed football items on the top as well as having an new home for all my football shirts (well the ones that aren't stored away). This has created much easier access for my shirts too so getting ready is a whole lot easier. 

My workout clothing is getting a fair bit big for me so I did a quick, cheap restock. This time I decided to give the Primark men's workout wear a try and I managed to pick up a t-shirt and shorts set for £9 which I think is a bargain. These items are pretty good quality and fit nice too which as always is a bonus and I think I might end up getting more in the future. 

I absolutely love the printed t-shirts Primark are doing these days as the prints look fantastic. I ended up picking up this Los Angeles one as the print on the back looks fantastic and it looks a bit like a Palm Angels t-shirts with the bit of writing on the neckline. I can see this being worn a lot especially with my cargo pants.

Barely any of my thicker long sleeved t-shirts fit me now, they are all a bit too big for my liking so I need to get restocked on them. I ended up falling in love with this printed one in Primark and as it was less than £10 I decided to treat myself to it. This is another perfect addition to my wardrobe as it is going to be worn a lot over the coming months especially with my favourite cargo pants, I just have so many ways to style it in mind.

The Nike outlet had 30% of the socks again when I was in recently so I ended up picking up a few more packs to keep me going. The black ones are perfect for working out in and the grey and white will come in handy for when I don't fancy wearing full length socks. I always pick these up when they are on offer as I know they are my favourite, most comfortable socks.

After years of saying I was going to get me and Liam matching Christmas pyjamas I have finally bit the bullet and gone ahead with it this year. These Grinch ones are perfect for us and I am going to be making sure he is wearing his on Christmas morning. These are from Home Bargains and were £9.99 a pair which I wasn't expecting, I thought they would be more expensive. I am sure these will last us a while too making them even better value.

I really needed some new jumpers for work now that the weather has changed and with me constantly losing weight I didn't want to spend a fortune on some this year if they weren't going to fit a few months down the line. That is why these days I just opt for the basic jumpers from Primark (men's department) I picked up 4 for £5 each recently, 2 black & 2 grey and I know they are going to work perfectly for going to work and also for layering on a day out if needed.

I have wanted a rugby shirt for a long time now but I have never felt confident enough to wear one, I guess I was been silly really thinking this. I tried this one on in Primark recently and it is safe to say I fell in love with it. Liam says I look like the guy from Blues Clues in it but it fits really well and fingers crossed it is going to last me a while too as I have so many ways, I am planning on styling it. It is definitely different but in a very good way.

With the Nike outlet having a 30% off sale on I think we all knew that I would end up walking away with some new sneakers. Air Force 1's are one of my favourite types of sneakers these days and I just love the colours of these as they are different to any others I already own, the pink definitely makes a statement.

Oh here we go, the most expensive part of this post. As I said earlier football has certainly played a big part in this months spending and to be honest with this purchase I have definitely made use of my birthday vouchers well. I have wanted this Earps goalkeeper shirt for the longest time and thanks to my birthday voucher I got it for 10% off which is always a bonus. I love the design on this shirt and I can finally say I have a shirt in support of my favourite female goalkeeper. 

Liam surprised me with this Lauren Hemp Man City shirt as part of my birthday and I couldn't be happier as Hemp at the moment is one of my favourite upcoming players in the women's game. I love the design of this shirt and I love the fact it has the WSL patches on it even more. This is my first Puma City shirt and it has surprised me with the fit of it and the quality of it. I can't wait to get to some games now.

When England got to the Euro final I said I would get the club shirt of whoever scored England's winning goal, luckily for me it was a Man City player who scored and it ended up being a player I actually enjoy watching. In the end though Liam purchased this for me for my birthday so I saved a bit of money but still upheld the deal. Maybe this isn't the last of the Euro winning deals though... you will have to wait a bit long to see the next one though.

So there you go that is everything I picked up in September, my bank account really didn't like me at the end of the month and to be honest I wasn't too happy with myself either so I have redone my budget and I am determined that this post will be a whole lot shorter in October as I am planning on only buying items that I really need rather than wasting it all. I am also hoping that October is a month of wrapping up Christmas shopping for a few family members so that I aren't rushing around in December like I previously have done. It is really time to get saving money for a change.

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