The exercises I love and the exercises I hate


Now that I have been working out for a while I have really discovered the exercises I love and hate. There are some exercises that I really enjoy doing and would happily do daily but on the flip side there are some exercises I would happily avoid if they were worked into my exercise plan or the classes I attend. It has been quite fun trying new exercises but at the same time some of them have put my body through some real pain as they have proved to be a bit too difficult for the stage I am currently at aka still totally unfit. 

With some of the exercises I have been doing I have really noticed that I wouldn't have dreamed of ever doing them a few years ago however, I am absolutely loving them and I am finding the challenge of them being fantastic whilst the improvements I see from doing these exercises has really helped boost my confidence and motivation to push further into my journey.  So here are those exercises I absolutely love to do and would happily do daily... 


I never imagined I would love going boxing once a week but it is safe to say I now countdown to Wednesday evenings as the boxing class is the highlight of my week. I definitely underestimated how much of a challenge it would be but that hour a week really puts me through my paces and the amount of sweat at the end of each session just goes to show how much it benefits my fitness journey. My arms have never felt as strong as they do since starting boxing. 


As someone with knee issues I never thought I would like squats but honestly they are some of my favourite exercises to do whether I add extra weight or not. I have even grown to love jump squats over time which I never expected to happen. These are such a simple exercise and the progress I am making in the amount I can do with minimal pain is amazing.


Of course this is an exercise I love and it is one I am loving even more these days as I have finally got back to kicking the ball around. Thanks to the weight loss and other aspects of my health and lifestyle changing I am finally able to kick a ball around with barely any pain in my knee. I honestly never thought I was going to be able to play again so this has been amazing for me and even just training in the garden is something I absolutely love.

Push ups 

I can't do a full push up yet but I am slowly getting there and it is feeling brilliant as I am noticing slight progressions each time I do try this exercise and fingers crossed I won't be far off doing a full push up soon. This is an exercise I know a lot of people aren't too keen on but I am determined to crack it soon and it is certainly helping me build up my upper body strength and gives me a good marker of my progress.

Bicep curls

I really don't know why this is a favourite exercise but when I see it in my workout plan I will admit I definitely get excited when I see these popping up on my workout plan. I was never a fan of workouts with weights but this exercise seems to have a hold on me and I love it. Feeling the burn in my arms and seeing the weight increase is just fantastic.

Whilst those are the exercises I absolutely love there are some that I hate and really dread when they come up in a class or a workout plan. Some I know a lot of people hate but others I know others love, for me my body just really doesn't like them and they just push me that bit too hard for where I am at now. So here are those exercises I absolutely hate...

Walking lunges

I think it is my bad knee that makes me hate these as much as I do but I wish I could enjoy them as I know they are going to benefit me in the long run. I find I can't get as much depth into the lunges as I would like and my knee just clicks through them constantly. I can push past the pain but I can say if these disappeared I wouldn't miss them.

Hamstring curls

Oh look another leg exercise that I really can't get along with. I think I don't like doing these because I used to do these on a machine whereas now I am doing them with a slide device and on the surface I use it on the curls just don't seem to give me the effect they used to. Maybe once I get the gym sorted out in the garage and get some proper equipment this might end up being an exercise I love once again.


Ah burpees, I don't think I hate anything as much as I do this exercise if they disappeared off the face of the earth I would be more than happy. My bad knee kills after doing these and honestly I just feel wiped out after doing these. Don't get me wrong I still do them as I know they will benefit me but I can't wait until they feel that bit easier on my body.

So there you go those are the exercises I love and the few that I hate, over time as I discover new exercises I am sure this list will change but for now I would rather stick to doing the top 5 exercises and forget the bottom ever existed. 

What is an exercise you love and one you hate?

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