It is time to change some bits at home...


I am at that stage again where I am wanting to redo everything in the house as I am getting bored of it, but money just wont allow those changes just yet however, we do have a plan for those bigger jobs... we are starting at the top of the house and doing things room by room, it is going to be a long process but at the end of the day it will be worth it. In the mean time though I am starting to get little pieces that will make small changes to the rooms that wont be done for a long time, I am hoping the small changes will help me love the rooms whilst other things are taking priority and they are changes I can make on a budget which is even better. So here is what is on my current home wish list...

Autumnal decor

I want the living room and dining room to feel super cosy this autumn and to do that I want new things like candles and fluffy blankets and maybe a few ornaments that we could have out on display for a change. I am also hoping to get some Halloween themed decor this year to embrace the spooky season and I am really hoping the downstairs of the house really becomes somewhere that I am happy to spend time rather than hiding upstairs all the time.

Storage jars

The kitchen at the moment is a right mess and it could all just be solved if we became a bit better organised. I love some of the storage jars I have seen in b&m and I would love to pick some up for things like pasta, snacks and cooking essentials. These should just help tidy the kitchen up and make things a lot easier to find for a change plus they look great on the eye when they are fully stocked. This is something I think I could do with just a £20 budget so fingers crossed we can do this soon. 


I would be nice to get some flowers in the house for a change as it is not something we do too often, but for this to happen we are going to have to get our hands on some vases for the rooms we will be adding them to. I have seen some really nice ones on the H&M website so fingers crossed I can treat myself to those and finally get some flowers brightening up the living room or dining room.

Big picture frames

Now this is either going to be a DIY project or I am going to be getting someone professional to do this for me... I am framing my signed football shirts at long last. These are all getting moved into my office space now so I want them hanging in frames nicely protected rather than just being hung on coat hangers. These shirts are some of my favourite items in the house so it is about time I looked after them properly plus it should make for a pretty good backdrop in the office. 

Gaming chair

The office is looking good for now but it will be getting a complete overhaul soon, with it being plastered, painted and finally it should be exactly what I wish for. But in the meantime I am really hoping to get a new gaming chair for in here. The chair I am using at the moment just isn't comfortable and I can't work in there for long periods of time so it is about time I got a nice comfortable chair for in here. I think that having this will just bring the room together especially when it is completely redone and it will mean I am more productive in there for longer.

Kallax Unit

Oh look another purchase for the office. I have had an idea in mind for this for a while now and I think that once the walls are redone this is going to look perfect and again will provide the office with a great backdrop that fits the theme perfectly... football. Each slot will be filled with shirts and it will give me more storage space which is certainly needed at the moment as the football items are forever growing. 

So there you go it is time to make some small changes around the house to get it feeling more homely and how we want it. We have made a start on the home gym which involves us clearing out the garage and converting that so our money is going to be tied up there for a while but I am already starting to put bits to once side ready for the office as that is going to be the first room we get done upstairs once money is back in our bank accounts. Lets hope these changes work in the meantime. 

What is an item on your home wish list?

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