My favourite outfits this summer

Ah summer a season I used to love but honestly this year I have been hit and miss with it, its been far too warm and I have struggled when it has come to piecing items together as my wardrobe just hasn't felt summer ready this year. As I am in the process of losing weight I haven't wanted to purchase a lot of clothing for the warm weather as is there really any point when you might only get 3 warm weeks in the whole of summer? I have managed to pick up a couple of new items for the season though and worked with some older items I own to help me create the perfect summer outfits that have kept me nice and cool whilst the heatwaves have taken place, plus one outfit I got was totally out of my comfort zone but it has quickly become my favourite and is one I am going to be recreating for years to come. So here are my favourite outfits from this summer...

This outfit is one of my go to's on a warm day as it helps me stay nice and cool thanks to the materials I am wearing and the size of them. In the heat I have found I am more comfortable in jersey shorts and honestly I am not sure why but when I buy them I try to buy lighter jersey material as I know these are going to be better for the weather and 9 times out of 10 I buy them in a lighter grey colour as I find these go with more of my wardrobe in the heat. I team these up with my purple Adidas t-shirt which again is a nice cool material for the heat and the added bonus is now that it is quite over sized on me so makes it even cooler. I love the colour of this t-shirt and the fit is perfect so it has definitely become a firm favourite especially for the more relaxed casual days. This is one for those quick shopping trips or the days where I don't have much effort at all.

Another outfit that I have loved over the summer is actually usually reserved for working out but the lightweight breathable materials have really helped in the heatwaves plus the clothing is really comfortable for lounging around in which is what I often do if I am wearing these clothes for anything other than working out. Although the outfit is all black the materials help keep it cool and I have found these older Gymshark items to be really good quality. The t-shirt is a nice stretchy material and hangs a bit looser now and the shorts are on the baggier side so they are looser fitting and very comfortable. Sometimes you just have to put on your workout gear for something other than a workout and this summer it has been a lifesaver.

This outfit is a whole lot smarter than I have worn in a long time and I am absolutely love it a whole lot more than I thought I would. I got these Bermuda shorts from Primark thinking I would create a casual outfit with them but then I came across this printed shirt at Primark and thought it would create a look I have always wanted to try but have always put off due to my size. I am really glad I did give this a try as teamed up with the white sneakers and a black vest underneath it creates the look I imagined and it is going to be a style I try incorporate in the future too. This shirt isn't going to be limited to summer use either so get used to seeing it more often.

An honourable mention definitely has to go to this England away shirt from this summers Euro's, it is one of my favourite shirts and thanks to the summer of football it has been the most worn one, it even had a nice trip to Wembley when I saw the Lionesses win their first major trophy. It has been perfect for the warm weather, the colour is nice and bold and it certainly holds a lot of memories now.

So there you go those are my favourite outfits from the summer, the smarter looking one is definitely my favourite and surprisingly I felt so comfortable and confident in it which I didn't expect at all. It is amazing how you can think something really wont work but then it puts a lasting impression on your brain. As I said earlier I used to love the summer but this year I have found myself counting down to autumn both for home accessorizing and for outfit styling. I am hopefully going to go on a small shopping trip before the start of the new season to pick up some essentials for the style I am aiming for but more on that another day. For the first time ever I have to say I am glad summer is coming to an end.

What is one of your favourite summer outfits?

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