The birthday wish list, it's time to treat myself...

I am not too sure how I feel about the fact I am turning 28 very, very soon. It doesn't feel like 2 minutes ago I was turning 21, where have the years gone? It is a bit crazy to think how close to 30 I actually am now and as I get older the answer to the question 'what do you want for your birthday?' gets harder and harder as I just buy things for myself throughout the year rather than waiting for special occasions like I had to when I was younger. This year though I am planning on only asking for what is going to be useful to me and that is actually going to get used rather than random little things that just sit gathering dust as I have suggested them for the sake of it. I am also planning on treating myself to a few things as a bit of a present to myself before I set myself a strict budget to follow, anything I do buy as a birthday treat before then though is going to be things I have really wanted for a while and that are going to benefit me in the long run to stop me breaking the budget when it does come into play, it is time to get prepared.  So here is what I will be suggesting to people and also hopefully treating myself to for my birthday this year...


A new pair of headphones have been on my wish list for a while now and they are actually going to be a practical purchase this time around. I want a good quality pair of wireless ones that connect to my Mac so that when I am on Zoom or recording podcasts for the football site I can use them and hear everything much clearer and also stop echo in the playback. These will just make life so much easier and I know that they can be expensive so these will definitely be a treat to myself if I do get them. 

Alex Scott book

Alex Scott is everywhere at the moment and that is something I am glad of she was a fantastic football player and is now a fantastic commentator but this book is hopefully going to show another side of her too and I really can't wait to get my hands on it as I think it is going to be a fantastic read. My football related book collection is growing and this should be the perfect addition. 

Nike socks

Is it even a special occasion if you don't receive socks? My white Nike socks are starting to look a little worse for wear so it is about time I threw them out and started a fresh. These socks are my go to as they are comfortable, last a while and honestly I wear them with everything so having fresh pairs is an essential for me.

Plain hoodies

My wardrobe is seriously lacking some plain hoodies for the autumn and winter period and after creating my vision board for the new season I have identified this as an area where investment needs to be made. That is why on my birthday wish list are plain navy, black and grey hoodies. These should go with the look I have in mind and will be great for layering as the temperatures drop. 

Long sleeve printed t-shirts

I fell in love with this style of t-shirt last year and plan on increasing the amount in my wardrobe for the future. I have already seen a fair few in Primark that I would love to get my hands on so fingers crossed I can suggest these to people or treat myself to them on my annual birthday shopping trip but we all know what Primark stock can be like. I am sure H&M & River Island will have plenty in too as stock starts to change. 

Flame necklace

I am really hoping that this is still in stock at River Island as I saw this a while ago now but at the time I didn't have anything to go with it. This simple necklace is on the inexpensive side but will go great with a variety of outfits I have in mind for the upcoming seasonal change. Plus it is about time I started wearing jewellery a lot more as I have been slacking when it comes to adding accessories to my outfits.

Vans hi-tops

Sneakers aren't something I need but with the style I am aiming for I am hoping to finally get my hands on some Vans hi-tops, I have wanted these for ages but haven't had a real need for them but now with the style changes I have the perfect excuse to get a pair. I will be opting for these in the simple black and white colourway and honestly I think the investment could lead to them becoming my most worn footwear in autumn.

Man City shirt

Liam has already told me there is a very strong chance I will be getting this for my birthday especially as we are going to the opening Man City Women game of the season. I have been wanting one of these since the Euros as I said I would be getting a shirt with the winning goalscorers name on the back and luckily for me it just so happened to be Chloe Kelly who plays for the team I support. I am looking forward to adding this shirt to my collection and getting plenty of wear out of it.

Mary Earps shirt

Oh look another shirt this time though it is for the opposite side of Manchester, Manchester United. Liam is a fan of their women's team so we have picked up season tickets for this season and we can't wait to go watch plenty of games this season. I can't be going without a shirt though and it finally gives me the chance to get a Mary Earps shirt which is something I have wanted since the Euro's. A chance to support one of my favourite players even if she is on the rival team.

Nike academy tracksuit

With me working out more and going back to playing football I am going to need something to keep me warm in the colder weather whilst I am training or watching games so after a fair bit of looking round I have settled on the Nike academy tracksuit, I know already the academy range is great quality and a tracksuit like this would allow me to train freely with no restrictions and keep me warm. I think the simple black and white one should do the trick.

Nike academy matching set

I have a few of these matching Nike academy shorts and t-shirts sets and honestly they have become one of my favourite outfits to workout in so whilst they are still cheap at Sports Direct I would love to add a few more coloured sets to the collection especially the red one. These sets are super comfy and aren't restrictive so I know I will get my wear out of them whether it is for a simple workout at home or football training.

Workout shorts

I am seriously lacking in shorts that fit me for working out in and it is driving me mad as I spend too long pulling my shorts back up rather than actually doing an exercise. I just need some that fit me right and other than the Nike ones I have found that MyProtein do some of the best fitting shorts for me and I think it is time I invested in some more rather than holding off until my size drops again. It will definitely make working out easier.

Nike pros

The final item on the list is yet another that I need to get my hands on but keep putting off mainly due to the lack of availability in my size. I am wanting a pair in black and one in white as these are the colours I am likely to be wearing for football and I know I will get plenty of wear out of them. Even though I am buying them for football no doubt I will also be wearing these for the home gym workouts and possibly even boxing.

A lot of these items I will be treating myself to as little birthday gifts to myself and I will be honest I really can't wait to get my hands on some of these items more than others, the bits that are really going to transform my workouts are definitely what I will be getting my hands on as I can't wait to take things up a gear when it comes to working out and achieving my goals. But for ow it is time to get saving before my birthday and for a little while after too so that I can get these items before that strict budget comes into play.

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