How I plan to stay on track whilst celebrating my birthday...


Well here we go we are edging closer to my birthday and one thing I don't want to do during those birthday celebrations is ruin all the progress that I have made over the past few weeks in terms of my fitness and weight loss journey. These past few weeks have been fantastic in terms of progress and the last thing I want to do is undo all that progress over the space of a few days and it take ages to get back to where I am now. It is definitely going to be a busy weekend with plenty of celebrations over 3 days so it is going to be a case of smashing my progress in the build up and creating a plan of action so that I don't go totally off track but also so that I still enjoy my birthday celebrations. 

I haven't touched a drop of alcohol all year but the plan was always to break this for a few days over my birthday weekend, I wont be going over the top with my drinking and I will be trying to go for lower calorie options but I will be allowing myself to drink between the 8th and 12th of September then it is back to no alcohol for the rest of the year. On the day of my birthday me and Liam are heading into Leeds for some shopping and a bit of a drinking session and of course we will be having a meal out there too, this is where I would normally just binge for the sake of it but this time around I wont be doing that and I will be being more mindful of what I am actually consuming and I will be making better choices from the menus. This is similar on the Sunday too as we are going to be heading to Manchester to watch the women's football, again this day will include a meal out (Hard Rock cafe is a yearly birthday treat) and a few drinks before the game and before heading home, again though I am planning on making better choices that I am still going to enjoy and fingers crossed I won't see my weight soar sky high again. Saturday is a party day at home and with me being in charge of food for this I won't be going overboard and making too much and there will be some healthier choices in the mix too, I don't need to overeat for the sake of it.

I know that on the Friday and Sunday I am going to get a whole lot of steps in as Leeds and Manchester are both pretty big places to walk around especially with what we are going for, so at least whilst I am out I know that I am being active. Just to keep up consistency though I am going to be keeping up to my workouts, these will be done nice and early in the morning and to be honest I am mainly keeping them in so that I don't go totally off track like I have done after a few days of missed workouts in the past. If I keep up the workouts even whilst enjoying the celebrations I should still notice some progress and be able to continue how I have been doing lately.

The celebrations are definitely going to be a period of having fun and spending time with family but as I say I won't be going overboard like I have in the past, it is time to learn to be more mindful and not ruin progress by binge eating and drinking, I will definitely have more fun if I don't go overboard. I will be honest I am just looking forward to eating some birthday cake and heading to the Hard Rock cafe once again. 

I am learning a lot out of my body and I am determined to make my 28th year my best yet so its time to celebrate in moderation and really crack on with hitting those goals I have set myself. It is going to be a great couple of days and I can't wait to keep showing up and being consistent even whilst celebrating, it is time to show myself what I am capable of.

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