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Well July has been and gone in the blink of an eye but I have to say it has been my favourite month of the year so far as I have been following the Euros on TV daily and have even gone to plenty of games which honestly has been a dream come true for me and it has been a month of creating memories I will never forget. It has been a busy month but honestly I can't complain about that as it has been such an enjoyable but honestly this is the start of life really picking up pace again with the football seasons starting up again. My bank account has taken a pretty big hit this month and I need to get back to saving once more, but this month was a bit of a one off really and I have gone a bit overboard but it is a month I will probably never experience again or at least for a very long time. So here is what I picked up throughout July...

Liam signed us up to become English Heritage members and everything finally came through in July. When we went away in June we saw a few places we would like to visit but it would have cost a fair bit in admission prices so Liam caved and signed us up for a 12 month membership that we will hopefully be able to put to good use soon. There are a fair few local places I would love to take a look around.

My birthday isn't until September but I have learnt the hard way, if you have a theme and see things early just get them or you will never see them again. We have decided this years theme is a Pokemon one, something both me and my nephew love and I have surprisingly struggled to find bits in stock so when I saw the party bags, table cover and plates in The Range I weren't leaving them behind. I still have my eye on other bits so no doubt they will end up in my next new in post. 

My brain has been in overdrive lately and I have hated it if I am honest. I feel very close to that burnout stage and with life only getting busier I think it could get worse so I am going to try combat that the best I can by trying to schedule in time to relax on an evening rather than constantly working on things. One way I plan on doing this is by creating a bullet journal where I can write my end of day thoughts, track things and just get creative with without really working, it should also help me switch off and stick to schedules a bit more too and the creative freedom will create some relaxing, fun evenings doodling on different spreads. I got this book from Amazon and I can't wait to make a start on it in August and see if it actually does benefit me.

Liam is full onboard with me embracing my love for Spider-Man and over the year he has enabled me to purchase a fair few Spider-Man bits but this month he actually ended up treating me to this fantastic Spider-Man book from our local comic book store. I absolutely love this as an item that I know I am going to keep for a long time on display on our dedicated Spider-Man shelf but at the same time I am really looking forward to just sitting down and reading it too as it looks perfect for any Spider-Man fan.

I think Liam is trying to tell me I need to read more as he also got me this Women's football book which I have been talking about since it was first announced. I absolutely love the women's game and honestly that love is only growing, there are plenty of books about the game on the market too and I am determined to read all the ones I find. I am actually really looking forward to sitting down and reading this book.

As I said at the start of the post it has been a month of football for us and I can't complain. We went to the Euro's opener and of course I had to get a programme to mark to occasion. I am quite glad they have just done one to cover the whole tournament as it has definitely saved me some money in the long run. This is an item I will be keeping forever as a memento of a fantastic competition. 

I have also collected scarves to commemorate the games I have been to and am planning on finding a way to display these in the long run. Between the start of the tournament I actually went to 3 games and of couse 3 half & half scarves came home with me. To have the memories on display is going to be amazing although I won't be forgetting this month for a long time anyway.

At one of the games I also ended up buying a random Sweden flag, I definitely adopted these as a second team as I saw them 3 times over their time in the competition and really got behind them up until they faced England in the semi finals. I will be having this in my little Euro display section if all goes to plan when I get around to redoing the spare room/office.

As I said about the flag I ended up adopting Sweden as my second team in the competition so of course me being me had to buy a shirt to wear seen as I was seeing them plenty of times. I was planning on getting this shirt before the tournament even started so to be able to pick it up at a game was great. This is one I will end up getting plenty of wear out of no doubt.

Oh look another treat from Liam but this time it is in the form of a football shirt. He buys from a site called Secret Shirt Co where you just give them your size and they will send you a totally random shirt. He ended up with a Getafe one whilst I ended up with a Strongest FC one from the Bolivian league. I think it is safe to say you don't see many of these in the UK and I can't wait to get wearing it very soon. The football shirt collection is certainly growing.

The new League 2 season started at the end of July and I can't go into the new season without getting a new Bradford City shirt. I have ended up opting for the home shirt (mainly due to the away and 3rd not being available yet) but I actually really like it, I am sucker for a shirt with a collar so it ticks all the boxes. Of course I had to get my nephew the kit too as he said he really liked it. Now I am just waiting for the others to be released, I am sure you will be seeing them in a new in post very soon.

Asda had a pretty decent sale on for a change and I found this stone coloured coat reduced right down to £10 and thought I would treat myself to it seen as it is a nice colour that should go with plenty of my wardrobe. Most of my coats I already own are getting too big for me so for £10 this is the perfect solution to keep me going as my size is changing as I am hoping to not fit in it for too long.

I also picked up this over-sized t-shirt from the Asda sale and I am so glad I did because once I put it on I fell in love with it. The fit is perfect for me with it being over-sized bust as my size changes this will still look great as it is meant too look big. With a small print on the front and a bigger one on the back it ticks all the boxes for me and I will be taking it away with me on my holiday that is coming up very soon. 

Did I need any more shorts? Definitely not but when I found these grey tailor fitted ones in the Matalan sale for just £6 I couldn't leave them behind. They look a lot smarter than other pairs I own and I know I can create some great looks with them due to the simplicity of them with the grey and white colourway. These are certainly coming on holiday with me too.

I have stuck to the Chicago Bulls clothing in the Primark x NBA range so far but once I saw this vintage looking Lakers one I couldn't resist. My parents actually treated me to this one and with it being an over-sized fit again it should last me a while and is really comfortable. Again I think this t-shirt is going to be coming on holiday with me and honestly I can't wait to get wearing it, I can see it becoming a firm favourite for the summer and into autumn.

It is safe to say I have spent way more than I should have done this month but I am determined to get this back on track very soon with the budget I have created (more on that another day) but for now I have just been soaking up the moment and enjoyed making memories. It is time to get back on with saving now though as I really want to get this gym done in the garage and some other jobs in the house really need sorting so fingers crossed I can get back on track and at least a few jobs get done before the end of the year, the garage and spare room/office are definitely the top of the list alongside finishing off the games room at long last. I am really hoping that having weekends filled with football will stop me spending so much and I need to try swap the shopping for getting jobs done in the house as it has been massively neglected these past few months due to us being so busy. It is time to only buy what I really need and focus on other things for a while. 

What was your favourite purchase from the month of July? 

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