October 2019 Favourites

So where did October actually go? One minute the weather is quite mild then all of a sudden it is freezing, the clocks have gone back and Halloween is over. I can't believe we are already in the penultimate month of 2019 the year has gone by so fast, can it slow down a bit? October was a month filled with plenty of football and family time and I absolutely loved it. So here are my favourites from the month of October. 

I loved playing around with different items in my wardrobe throughout the month, in fact I even wore items I thought had gone missing but my favourite item of all has to be my Matalan checked pants, they are just super easy to style and really comfortable. In fact I have loved them that much I am already considering wearing them for Liam's works Christmas party.

Another fashion favourite is definitely my love for trainers (sneakers) just constantly growing. I have worn new pairs, which have finally been brought out of the box and instantly fallen in love with them. One pair in particular is a pair of all white Nike hi-tops, they just look very fresh and stand out on my feet, I just hope that I can keep them white for a very long time. I will be doing a review on these very soon along with another new pair I picked up when I went shopping with my mum at the end of the month.


In terms of lifestyle favourites the biggest one just has to be spending time with the family, watching the nephew grow and just get cheekier is brilliant, plus seeing how he loves Pikachu just like I do is great he really is becoming a little character. Another favourite has been my love of Craft beer returning, thanks to Points of Brew I have discovered some great new beers from Tesco believe it or not, would you be interested in seeing some posts about them in the future? 

I am adding a new section on here now as the football one has moved to my other blog. The section is everything I have been loving home wise whether it is changes that are happening or items that have been bought. To kick off this section we have a pretty big favourite... we booked in for our bathroom doing and I can't wait, the sperate toilet and bathroom are going to be no more and are going to be knocked into one, I have loved sitting and picking out what I want in it too. Another favourite has been seeing progress taking place in the spare room, finally the walls are clear, skirting boards are 3/4 removed and I am hoping it is all finished by Christmas.  

Health & Fitness
I have been lazy in terms of fitness, so lazy in fact we were barely in the gym but this was a mixture of us both being ill or just being busy but my favourite thing is that even though we were slacking on the gym front I have maintained my weight no gains and no losses, obviously I would have loved to lose some but the fact I haven't gained is great.

So there you have it those are my favourites from October what were yours?

See you soon

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