A Crazy Gymshark Wish List

Once again I have found myself looking through my work out drawer, yes I have one of those now and just thinking urgh I have such a lack of variety. The drawer currently consists of around 4 t-shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 jackets and just one pair of joggers, but with me wanting to go to the gym a lot more often I could do with a few more items to add into rotation (this is mainly because I am useless at getting washing done). I keep finding my way to the Gymshark website & thanks to them having a constant stream of new releases I have far too many items I am wanting to pick up. Although I am going to try limit myself to a few items at a time so that if I lose enough weight to drop a size I can treat myself and have clothes that actually fit correctly. As I say Gymshark are bringing out some brilliant releases at the moment so get ready as this could be quite a long post...

Arrival t-shirt £15.00

I have got a few of the Veer t-shirts from Gymshark and they are my go to for the gym, they just fit perfectly and I feel comfortable in them, so I am hoping these are similar in fit as they look great. The best thing about this sort of t-shirt is just how plain and simple it is with just the logo above the chest.

Apollo T-shirt £15.00

Another t-shirt I have my eye on is the Apollo one, This isn't a workout specific t-shirt and is one I would possibly wear most days. I love how the brand is more prominent on this t-shirt and definitely stands out. To be honest I would probably wear this on the more casual days or just lounging around.

Contemporary t-shirt £18.00

Another t-shirt I want specifically for the gym especially in this claret colour is the contemporary one. Again it looks like it will be perfect for my work outs and also looks like it is the perfect length like my others. This colour is definitely a stand out one for me though it just looks really nice and I definitely don't own any others in this colour yet.

Glitch T-shirt £18.00

This could quite easily be one of my favourites, the glitch t-shirt. If I was to buy this I would definitely be getting this colour too as it just reminds me of Bradford City. The deign of this is brilliant and is definitely a stand out for me.

Reset t-shirt £20.00

Sometimes when working out I just wear all black or black and grey, however with this rest t-shirt I can wear my favoured black and grey style with just a bit of white added and look pretty smart whilst working out. This t-shirt definitely looks smarter than any others I own and would actually look quite nice teamed up with my Under Armour shorts.

Raid Shorts - £30

Shorts are definitely an area I am lacking in, with me only owning a few pairs. The pairs I do own are simply black ones but I want to try change that a little and actually add a lighter colour pair into my workout drawer. A few months ago I wouldn't have dreamt of this however, now after seeing these Raid ones I really want to give a pair a go.

Contemporary shorts - £25

I know I just said that my drawer is already filled with plenty of black shorts but I really do like the Contemporary shorts, if they are anything like the Gymshark shorts I currently own then I will definitely love them. The best part about these is just how simple they are with just the small logo on them.

Grade joggers -£40

I would sometimes rather wear joggers to the gym rather than my shorts, but that all depends on the weather, if it is freezing outside I would rather have my legs fully covered. But I currently only have 1 pair of Nike joggers for the gym, these Grade ones look great though. At £40 they are on the pricy side but I do really like them. 

Apollo long sleeve £18.00

Long sleeves are something I wouldn't have really considered wearing to the gym however, this Apollo long sleeve looks great for those cold training sessions and even lounging around in. It looks almost too nice to wear for working out whilst also looking super simple. At just £18 it may definitely be one to try out.

Hydro jacket - £60.00

Finally on the list we have the Hydro jacket, would I wear this for anything gym related? I highly doubt it but I do actually want to start going walking so this might be a good buy for that, surely it will keep me nice & warm as well as keeping me dry and still looking good. But to be honest I think it would look pretty great as an everyday coat too.

So there you have it those are the items I would love to order from Gymshark and fingers crossed I can place an order soon.

See you soon

**All images from Gymshark

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