Is This Called Growing Up? A Haul.

I have weirdly been quite good with my money this year and in the past few months I haven't really treated myself thanks to making a head start getting everyone's Christmas gifts or just generally spoiling my nephew & getting things in order for the bathroom work being done and getting accessories for when it is all completed. So over the past few weeks I have decided whilst I am out and about to actually treat myself to a few things. But what is most surprising is that 90% of these items are actually going to be really useful for me and not just be left to one side unused.  Here are the items I have treated myself to over the past few weeks.

I actually still had a gift voucher left from Christmas last year for our local record store. So I finally picked up this The Smiths vinyl, they are a band I have loved for ages but have been missing from my collection for far too long. As soon as I saw it I knew this is what the voucher would be spent on. Now I just need the spare room decorating so I can go relax in there and listen to this.

We have gone all through 2019 without a calendar but have the perfect spot for one between our desks in the games room. I am hoping that 2020 is the year I finally get organised and this Lionesses calendar should help do the trick. I can write deadlines for articles on it, football fixtures and hopefully anything I have to attend for either of the blogs. I am hoping it helps me keep track of things a bit more plus it can't hurt that I am looking at some of my favourite female players each month.

Our house is lacking in the artwork department apart from a Disney picture in the dining room and a Bradford City picture in the living room we have nothing. So I picked this artwork up from the Bradford City shop to go on our staircase. Currently we have a few signed/ match worn shirts hanging on there so this will go along with them nicely.  

Me and my mum had a trip to the Bradford City Christmas market and I managed to get a few bits there too. We have a spare bit of wall in the games room next to our Valley Parade sign so I got some bunting to hang in there that simply says Bantams. We also got some lovely decorations for the tree too, we can't have it the only place without something football can we?

From the City shop I grabbed a couple of coasters for the games room too as our others are nearing the end of their life. You really can't beat looking at something that is designed to look like a retro shirt, they had some brilliant designs.

A couple of items I possibly didn't need were these Nike t-shirts ( I also got one in black) but at £13 each in the Outlet I wasn't leaving them behind. I absolutely love the design of these and I know Nike t-shirts last me a while so these will be worn right through to summer, if not longer. The red colour also means I have also added a bit more colour into my wardrobe for a change. There will be a post all about styling them up on here soon.

A practical item I have wanted for a while now is an electric toothbrush. So when I saw that Superdrug members could get this toothbrush & toothpaste set for just £18.99 I couldn't pass. I am hoping it works as well as my previous one did as Oral-B are meant to be a good make. Plus with us having the new bathroom I might as well treat myself to a new toothbrush  to go in it.

Finally possibly my favourite treat is my new backpack from River Island which matches my holdall I will be getting at Christmas. I treated myself to this as I wanted to smarten myself up a bit (especially if I go to more events like I did on Thursday) no more stupid prints just a nice simple black backpack. It is perfect as it has a cushioned back and cushioned straps and has enough space for me to add my laptop in there too if needed. I can't wait to get using it. 

It seems as though my days of going out just buying junk or far too many games may actually be behind me, I am starting to think more before I buy items and if I am actually going to get use out of them or not. In 2020 I want to do even better with my money & only buy things I really need, which will hopefully mean more savings to go on a few weekends away or even just day trips as I want to get about more and see more of the UK.

See you soon

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