Rediscovering The Nike Janoski's

Do you ever buy a pair of trainers, wear them for a while then just forget about them? I have to admit that I do this far too often it is usually as I buy new pairs the old ones get put on the shelf. But lately I have been doing quite well at recirculating these forgotten trainers and more often than not I have ended up falling back in love with those old pairs. 

One pair that seems to have become an everyday pair lately has been my Nike Janoski SB's. I think I have had these for around 2 years now after I picked them up at a fairly local Nike outlet for just £15.00 which for a pair that still retails at around £50 (there are plenty of different varieties out there now) is not bad at all. For them to be going strong 2 years later at £15 it is easy to say I have got my money's worth.

One thing I love about these trainers is how comfy they actually are, not once have they rubbed me and they are the perfect fit, not too narrow and definitely not too wide. With them being a low cut too they were perfect in the summer with shorts and a pair of no show socks, in fact summer is when I actually started wearing them daily again. I have also found they look great with my grey skinny jeans and just make the outfit look a bit smarter than if I had any of my colourful trainers on, the black and white go great together and with any sort of outfit I wear.

They are definitely long lasting to because as I have mentioned earlier I have now had these around 2 years and the material is still perfect, yes there maybe a bit of dirt on them but it is what can be expected. The colour is still as dark as it was the day I bought them as they haven't discoloured at all,  could just do with giving the white outer a quick clean but there are no scuffs. I have noticed some trainers I own the backs start to give way after a while but there is no sign of any damage to that side of things either. 

I think I have got a good few years left in this pair but when they finally do give up on me I will be repurchasing them as they are definitely becoming a staple piece in my wardrobe and I would recommend them if you are looking for a long lasting, subtle pair of trainers.

See you soon 

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