My Favourite Disney Characters

Growing up I loved Disney but now I am older I love it even more. Over the years I have loved characters but then fallen back out of love with them however, there are some characters who have stuck as a favourite and never left the list. Whether this is down to their classic quotes or just how brilliant they are when they are on the screen. So here are those characters who are always on my favourites list...

Rex - Rex has always been a favourite due to some of the one liners he comes out with in the films add this to my obsession with dinosaurs and he ticks all the boxes. I think another reason why he is one of my favourites is because my family always refer to me as being a T-Rex due to my short arms.

Stitch - A 100% solid favourite of mine is Stitch and has been since I first watched the film. If you look around our house you are bound to see Stitch in there somewhere and the collection of Stitch soft toys has got out of control. Some of the quotes Stitch says just stick in your head and I love them that much I actually have the Ohana quote and Stitch tattooed on my arm. Fingers crossed I can get the nephew loving him as much as I do.

Chip & Dale - These 2 made the list mainly due to an amazing character experience I had with them back in 2013 in Orlando. I made Liam queue for quite a while to see them but when we got there I think I can honestly say it was one of the best character experiences I have ever had, they had us both laughing and definitely kept us entertained. Plus Chip and Dale are also my dad's favourite so this may have a bit of an impact on them making the list.   

Donald Duck - For those of you who know me this one may come as a bit of a surprise. As someone who is petrified of birds, ducks and anything that resembles them I am actually shocked that Donald has made the list but there is just something about him. I have had a soft toy of him for years now and have even started talking like him to the nephew to make him laugh. Donald is a classic character who will forever be a favourite.  

Woody - Of course Woody is on the list I love Toy Story but I mainly love Woody. I remember dressing up as him when I was younger, the house has plenty of Woody merchandise in too. This year for my birthday I would say 50% of items were Toy Story related too. One of the best things now though is how the nephew seems to be understanding which character is which. Woody was one of my first favourites and it will always be this way.

Buzz Lightyear - The 3rd Toy Story character on the list and the final one is of course Buzz for some reason he has always been on the top of my favourites list too, but I honestly couldn't pinpoint why I think it is just because of how brilliant the character is in the films. 

Ariel - I suppose I have to have one princess on the list and it is an obvious choice as I have always loved the Little Mermaid and I honestly think I have just a little less Ariel merchandise than I do Stitch so she is definitely up there as a top favourite. I don't even know why I love the Little Mermaid so much as it definitely isn't my typical sort of film.

Roo - By far one of my favourites (the soft toy I have of Roo is possibly one of my most loved) but I don't know why. I have never really been a big Winnie the Pooh fan but for some reason Roo stands out to me plus he is super adorable. 

Flick - Finally on the list we have Flick from Bugs Life. Now this one is on the list thanks to some brilliant memories I have surrounding the character. I will always remember having an alarm that was Flick and would shout out phrases. When he shouted out intruder alert my sister was terrified. I actually believe he was confiscated in the end after it absolutely frightening her to death. Flick is definitely an under rated character just like Bugs Life is an under rated film.

So there you have it those are my favourite Disney characters and I have to admit it was hard trying to make this list and pick those solid favourites and not just ones that come and go but I have now realised I have a great mixture of favourites. Would any of these characters make your list? If not who would?

See you soon 

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