Shawn Mendes In Leeds

 Yesterday the wait was finally over. After having the tickets for around a year me and Georgia finally got to go see Shawn Mendes. I was getting laughed at and told maybe I shouldn't go seen as I had my operation on Monday but after a quick shopping trip around Leeds and some lovely Wetherspoons lunch I was feeling better than ever. When we got into the Arena we were given a wristband and told that when Shawn came on stage to take the little pull tab out and it would light up which was actually a fantastic as it did react to his music and even fit with the backgrounds.
Obviously before finding our seats I had to head to the merchandise stand but with me not wanting to hurt my stitches I was really glad to see a little pop up booth selling exactly what I wanted with none of the pushing and shoving, I managed to grab a t-shirt and wristband, I was quite impressed to see the bags were actually Shawn Mendes tour bags too. 
Once we got to our seats I don't think either of us could believe just how good they actually were, they were pretty central, and definitely not too far back so we had a perfect view of the stage. My seat was actually on a little bit of a corner too giving me a little extra room to move around, I just love the Leeds First Direct Arena as I don't think there is a bad seat in there.

Before Shawn came on it was time for his support act Alessia Cara, another Canadian singer song writer and to say I only knew 2 of her songs she actually wasn't too bad. Unfortunately she was suffering from a sore throat but I still think she sounded pretty good. In fact I think I am going to try giving her music a listen as I am always on the look out for new artists to listen to. The songs I knew were How far I'll go from Moana (one of my favourites) and Stay, the song she did with Zedd which I didn't even know she sang. Overall she was actually pretty good and I could listen to her again. 

Then it was time for the main even Shawn Mendes, after such a long wait the time finally arrived. He definitely didn't disappoint. Some people may think we were stupid paying £60 each for a ticket but it was worth every penny as he really does put on a brilliant show.  

He had 2 stages, the main one and then the one below the sage which unfortunately I couldn't see but it was all good as he didn't spend too long on that stage and when he was it was shown on the big screens. I absolutely loved the rose just hanging there as it really does give off the Shawn vibes. The good thing with Shawn is he gives it his all on stage everything seemed like he was giving 110% all the way through his set. I honestly wasn't expecting him to hit those high notes he does in his songs but WOW when he did, I don't know how he does it he is just amazing. 

 The set list worked out perfectly too as he kicked off with one of my favourites, Lost in Japan along with singing Nervous, Where were you in the morning, Stitches, Mercy and of course my absolute favourite Youth. It was a nice mix of new and old but the fact he sang so many of the songs I have fallen in love with made it even better, in all honesty though he could have sang Youth then walked off stage and I think i would have been happy. 
He also had some amazing backgrounds that fit his songs perfectly throughout the night and I think my favourite definitely had to be the one pictured above. Gone are the days of the young kid on Vine, Shawn is out to take over the pop scene and I can't promise you all this now, I will be seeing him again as it is one of the best concerts I have been to.

It was also nice to spend sometime just me and Georgia. Before the concert we went shopping in Leeds with my mum, auntie and nephew then it was just us 2. We don't often do things just the 2 of us so it made a really nice change and it is nice to do something together we before enjoy. Plus thanks to her coming with me we ended up spotting someone selling posters of Shawn in his Calvin Klein add so thanks Georgia for spotting them.

Next up it is a case of trying to convince someone to go see Khalid with me, any takers?

See you soon,

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