March 2019 Favourites

Well March definitely passed in a blur. There seemed to be a lot going on last month with is why I think it absolutely flew by. The nephew was due on the 9th of March and kept up waiting until the 20th so all that time between his due date and him actually being born was a case of is he going to arrive or not. Then I was due in for my operation on the 25th March and unsurprisingly it ended up being cancelled and pushed back to April. So where I spent all month mentally preparing myself there was really no point I guess and I now need to start preparing myself again. There were also plenty of other good things such as me heading out and doing some football training, going on walks and spending time with family for mothers day. So here are some of my favourites from the month of March.

In terms of fashion I have a fallen back in love with my grey Nike Tech hoodie, I have worn it out when it has been too nice for a coat and have even started to wear it to work. I can't wait for it to start getting warmer so I can style this a little more and actually get a post up about this. I have also managed to size down in a few items of clothing, one was a shirt and the other is a work jumper. Just dropping that one size is making me realise how even if this weight loss journey is difficult it is worth it in the end.
I also mixed things up a little throughout March, I finally got my batteries fixed in my watches (just need to sort the Michael Kors one) which meant I got back into wearing them, which made a very nice change and one I am going to be continuing throughout the rest of the year as I forgot just how much a watch can really add to an outfit.
Not only have the watches come out of retirement but quite a few pair of trainers have come out of it too and it is making a lovely change mixing up a few outfits and actually getting wear out of trainers other than my Nike Air Force 1 hi-tops.  
Now I didn't know which section to put this one in, as it is football but also can be classed as fashion... during March the Nike 2019 women's world cup jerseys were revealed and I instantly fell in love with quite a few of them which you can read all about in my post here. I can't wait to hopefully pick a few up when they are available. 

If we take out Bradford City from the football equation (I had a terrible time with them through March) it was actually a pretty good month. England won the She Believes cup for the first time over in America and all the games I watched were fantastic. It was nice to see them lifting the trophy and hopefully we can have a repeat of it in the World Cup. Man City Women have also been doing pretty well lately and are really fighting for that top spot against Arsenal and I am really hoping they can finish the season on top once again as they really deserve it especially Georgia Stanway and Nikita Parris who have been absolutely on fire this season for both club and country. 
We were also lucky enough to get tickets to May's Man Utd treble winning match which I am really excited for. It is the Man Utd treble winning team which helped solidify my love for the game and Man Utd so to see them play again is going to be brilliant, with the likes of Beckham and the Neville's playing it is going to be a great day which I am already on countdown for. 

Obviously my big favourite for the month is definitely my nephew he is absolutely perfect. I just need to stop spoiling him as every shopping trip we go on lately I end up buying something new for him. Anyone who knows me knows I aren't the biggest fan of kids but I can't get enough of cuddles with him and I can't wait to spend more and more time with him.
Another thing I have been loving is trying new foods, with me trying to lose weight I have been trying to mix up what I eat and it seems to be working. I loved the Quorn Lasagne last month and I can't wait to give more of their range a try. I also ended up cooking in the last few days of March and I actually enjoyed it so fingers crossed I do it more often. 
My final favourite is a bit of a surprising one even for me.. I have been loving driving, I haven't done it often and I haven't gone far but when I have driven anywhere I have really enjoyed it, fingers crossed I can do it more often from now on as it can only get better.

So there you have it those are my March 2019 favourites what was you loving in March?

See you soon

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