Me and Liam both had the day off last Monday as I was meant to be going into hospital, but as that was cancelled we headed off to Ikea instead (yeah I know not much difference there). Honestly I went in just to have a look and see about furniture for the spare room but instead we ended up buying a fair bit. Granted we didn't need any of these items but there was no way I was leaving without them.

We picked up these place mats for the dining table and honestly I am so glad we did, I believe they were £1.50 each but they are definitely worth it. They look great and with our little plant in the middle it just adds to the whole feel of the table. They are however on the larger size and do fill most of the table so not so good if you have a small table. You can easily fit a plate and a drink on these so there is no need for coasters.

Next up we got 6 Kallna 31cl glasses, these were £3.25 and are a bit of a greenish colour which is why we got them. They are different to any other glasses we have and are a little bit of a textured design.

Again more glasses that we didn't need but at £3 for 6 I thought we may as well get stocked up. These are just simple 30cl glasses which are perfect for me as I don't like using pint glasses for fresh juice as I don't like to over face myself this is just the right amount. 

Now we had these in the 35 cl version but with the 27 cl version only being £2.75 for 6 I had to pick them up as I really like the design of these and who knows if we every have any parties these could be perfect for Jagerbombs (now I just need friends to have parties with). 

Our glass cupboard is definitely now over flowing but there was no way I was leaving these behind. 6 30cl glasses for £4 but work every penny as I absolutely love the design on these. I think these may be saved for the whisky and vodka drinks as they just look so nice and are perfect size for any mixers being added.

Finally the last few purchases I got Liam wasn't too impressed by. He didn't understand why we needed napkins and a napkin holder and to be honest I don't know why we did either but I had to have them. I can't wait to get them put out either on the dining table or on the little stand my grandad made (I will be doing a full dining room post soon). The stand was £1.50 and the napkins were £1.00 for 30 so not too bad at all, who knows it may end up where I have different napkins for different seasons/occasions.

So there you have it that is what I picked up on our recent trip, I am sure there will be many more Ikea hauls on here as we still have plenty of changes to make in the home and the spare room still needs all its furniture, same with the garden. Then I have a little project I want to work on in another part of the house but that is coming on to here very soon so keep your eyes on the blog for that.

See you soon

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