A Waste Of Space

 When we moved in I don't think we realised just how much space we had between the living room and the stair case. Although it has worked out pretty perfect for me as it is the perfect space for my sneakers. We got this set up pretty quickly when we moved just as a quick fix so I could have access to my shoes, which is why we ended up getting this extendable shoe rack (which is actually full when all the shoes are put where they belong).

As you can see though this space has slowly just become a dumping ground as there is so much wasted space, the hoover doesn't belong there but has ended up there, same with the Ikea bag and hoodie. Behind the hoodie along the back wall is also a load more sneakers that are still in boxes as I don't want them just sat around. Seeing this in it's current state really got me thinking about what I want to do with this space and I finally had an idea, that I just need to discuss with Liam now. In regards to the decorating, that is going to have to wait until we do the complete hallway but for now we could add the products we want and get using this space more efficiently. 

First off that coat hook will be getting moved to the right so that the coats don't hang over any other items, just to make it a little tidier. The hoover will also be moved to where it belongs. 

Now for the fun part. I would love to have all my sneakers moved to the back wall as there is more space this way. But instead of having top to bottom just shoes I would love a couple of these Lixhult cabinets from Ikea, they are only £30 and if space allows I would love 2 of these. Not only could I put some shoes in these I could also add in some accessories that don't fit anywhere else such as extra shoe laces, maybe some blogging equipment and my ever growing collection of Crep Protect, which I am aiming to fill a cupboard with someday (reviews of each product coming soon). 

On top of each unit I would love stacks of drop front shoe boxes to store all my shoes in. These just give added protection to the collection and look a whole lot better than keeping them in shoe boxes. My favourites at the moment are the Crep Protect boxes but at £35 for 2 they are definitely pricey. I would love to have all my sneakers in here but with the price I don't think it would be possible, so now I am on the look out for some similar ones at a reasonable price. If you can recommend me any of these please let me know.

I think making just these few changes to the area will make it look much better and make the space look a whole lot tidier, which is exactly what I want for the space. Once we get this area sorted I will do a little tour of the stairs for you as we have a few bits all around this space just to make it a lot less bare. Also keep an eye out on the blog for more sneaker posts as I want to add them to the blog a lot more especially with them being such a huge love of mine.

See you soon

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