November 2019 Favourites

The penultimate month of the year has come to an end and the end of the year is edging closer. November was a family & football filled month with some absolutely fantastic things been thrown my way, which still seems unreal to me. Although I have had a pretty busy month I haven't really had many favourites, just the occasional few and here they are...

I think it is safe to say my main fashion favourite for the month has to be my grey puffer style jacket from Primark which I got for Christmas last year. This jacket has been brilliant it is in fact from their workout range so it keeps you warm but doesn't make you too warm. It has also kept me dry in the downpours we have had.

Another favourite has to be my new Nike Air Max 200's granted I haven't worn these yet as I am worried about them getting ruined in this weather, I need to dig my trusty Crep Protect out to get these protected so I can get wearing them but they just look brilliant. I got them for a bargain price too so that makes it even better.

I now have a feature page in the Bradford City women's programme which is absolutely crazy, who would have thought my football ramblings would actually end up printed somewhere other than my blog. We even went to an event in Manchester for the football blog, November just went full on football mode which included not just the 1 trip to Manchester, but we in fact went twice in one week.

It has also been a brilliant month for just spending time with family, with the bathroom been done I wanted to spend as much time as possible away from the mess which worked perfectly as it meant more time with my nephew.

There is one favourite in this section and it is a big one, our bathroom has had a complete makeover. I will be doing a full blog post on this very soon (once it is fully complete) but I can't believe this difference it has made to the house. We no longer have 2 separate rooms and it is now just one big one it is a lot more relaxing too.

Health & Fitness
The Gymshark blackout sale was my only fitness favourite through November as we were really slacking getting to the gym & working out. But the blackout sale meant I could finally pick up a few more items to wear now we are back into the swing of things.

So there you have it those are my favourites from November what were yours?

See you soon

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