Shopping For the New Bathroom

One of my favourite parts about getting the bathroom done has been shopping around for the accessories to go in it. I wanted to go for an all grey scheme so it fit in with the rest of the room / house and it has worked really well. So here is what we have picked up so far...

The toilet roll holder caused so many issues, I wanted a free standing one in grey, I saw one and then couldn't remember where I actually saw it, everyone thought I was going mad. Then my mum found this one in Wilkinson's for just £5.00, it is really good quality too and actually matches well with the other bits we bought elsewhere.

Our bin and toilet brush came from Next and I was actually pretty surprised to see how reasonably priced the items were, I always thought Next was a little overpriced but after looking around for these bathroom bits I have realised it really isn't. We were originally going to get a circular bin but ended up picking up this rectangular one as all this items in the bathroom have a squared corner.

We were left with a small space between our 2 windows in the room and this is where we wanted our mirrored cabinet to go, it took a while to find one that was small enough to fit but we ended up purchasing one from Argos for just £30.00. We have now had this put up and it is a brilliant fit, it is almost like it was just made for that space.

Who knew finding a bath mat would prove such a task as well? I think we looked at about 5 before we settled on this one, it is super soft and just as it says on the label it dries really fast meaning no water soaked in it for hours on end. I hope it lasts a while too and the bobble part doesn't get too worn out too soon.

Just to put on the windowsill or at the side of the sink we got this little grey tumbler. This is perfect for just putting our toothbrushes and toothpaste in, it just makes it look tidier. Finally my auntie & uncle treated us to some new towels to make the colour scheme. Liam ended up picking a nice yellow, white and grey set whilst I opted for a grey striped velour set and it is unbelievably soft, there were a few comments (yes I am talking about you mum) where I was told that a velour towel would not dry me but I can confirm it dries me 10 x faster than our previous ones.

Now all we need to do is find some nice baskets to go on our shelves once they are up just to complete the whole room. I can't wait to show you it once it is complete as it is a totally different room.

See you soon

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