Nickelback In Leeds

Nickelback Chad

One band I would go and see over and over again would definitely have to be Nickelback. When they came to Leeds on the 5th May, it was my 3rd time seeing them. No 2 shows are ever the same and they are all absolutely brilliant. I went with Liam and his mum again and it was just a brilliant day. To say Nickelback are such a marmite band, every time I have been it has been packed with people of all ages.

Nickelback Ryan

This year we were stood on Ryan's side, which I was super happy about because I have to admit he is my favourite and we were so close. I have to admit I wasn't too keen on the support act Seether as it felt like their instruments were turned up far too loud compared to their microphones, but once again Nickelback came on and absolutely killed it. 

On this Feed the Machine tour they were playing songs from every album and with nine albums they were bound to miss out some favourites. However, the only one of my favourites they didn't play was Satellite, as they played the likes of Lullaby, Animals, Photograph and of course Something In Your Mouth. 

I am already on countdown for the next tour as I am definitely going to be going again, it is a nice day to spend with Liam and his mum whilst listening to great music. 

Have you seen Nickelback? Can you recommend any bands like them?

See you soon,

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