Last Week #3

Well last week was definitely a brilliant one. The nice weather came back just in time for a nice bank holiday weekend and we went to see Nickelback. It was my 3rd time seeing them with Liam and his mum and they just get better every time I see them. I won't go on about this too much though as I have a post coming up later this week all about the show. Other than that the weekend had been spent doing bits around the house because that is what bank holidays are all about aren't they? The week was just work everyday, but with a few jobs on a couple of nights, although we did go shopping on Friday night. So here is what I have been...

Been watching : I re watched Ferdinand last week and it was absolutely amazing once again. John Cena is such a great choice of voice actor for this film as he portrays the character really well, I was worried when me and my dad went to see it that all I would think of was oh this is 'John Cena', but honestly you don't. I also watched a lot of YouTube once again however, this time it has been all home video's the ones I watched most are The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles.

Been reading : I have read about 2 more pages of my Alex Morgan book but I have read plenty of blogs. I am loving reading Jess's blog posts over on iamfoxxtailz

Been listening to : Last week was very Nickelback heavy with us going to see them, I love listening to an artist on the build up to going to see them as it really gets you in the mood. I also listened to a lot of Fifth Harmony and Demi Lovato once again. Surprisingly I also got back into listening to Lana Del Ray and I am back in love with her.

Bought : We finally ordered our bedside lamps yesterday so they will be arriving today, we also got the curtains for the living room and bedroom at last. We also got a little towel rail and laundry basket, yay for being grown up for a change. With us going to Nickelback Liam was kind enough to treat me to a Nickelback t-shirt which I am so grateful for especially after he treated me to 2 pairs of the Miley Cyrus Converse last week too. 

Plans for this week : Similarly to last week I am wanting to do more work in the living room and get that closer to being complete, along with working on the games room and bedroom. I also want to keep up with this rate of blogging as I am loving sticking to it. 

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

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