Disney Eats Wish List

It is no secret that I absolutely love Disney so when I was looking on the Disney site the other day and saw the Disney eats range I instantly fell in love. I have a post going up soon which will be a little tour of our kitchen as it currently is, as this is one of the rooms that was practically complete the day w moved in. But these are some of the items from the Disney Eats range I really need to try get...

These measuring cups are £7.00 for the set and I am in love with them. I want these as I am trying to be healthier and I want to start measuring food out properly and making sure I aren't over doing it. Also as I start to use the kitchen more I would love to do a little bit of baking whilst Liam works as it will stop me going shopping, these cups will be a great addition to the kitchen. They are also a pop out design so they don't take up much space.

Me and Liam have a lot of eggs whether they are scrambled or as egg bread so we always need a whisk and I love this set. It is £9.00 for them both however, they are 2 different sizes. These will also be great if I get around to doing that baking.

The spatulas also come in 2 different sizes for just £10.00 and have the cute little Mickey's on them. We always need a spatula for some reason so these would also be a great addition and they would match the rest of the items.
As I said the food we cook usually involves mixing items together so these bowls complete with spoons would be the perfect addition as they fit with the rest of the range and are only £17.00, they are definitely items we would get our use out of.

Disney also do an apron and oven mitts set for £20.00, granted I may not wear the apron but it does look very cute. The oven gloves though would be a saviour, at the moment Liam uses a tea towel to get thinks out of the oven etc and is always saying how it is still too hot. 

So those are the main items I want to get however there is a lot more I could pick out. Have you seen anything in the Disney eats range that you like? Let me know.

See you soon,

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