February Favourites

Wow it is only the 2nd of March and I am already posting my favourites, this must be a first. Honestly I haven't tried much new in February but some great things have happened. 

First off a favourite of mine is the Nip Fab cleansing pads. I have used them everyday in Feb and am seriously noticing a difference in my skin. I aren't going into too much detail on these though as I have a whole post dedicated to this coming very soon.

The Vo5 is once again one of my favourites. It is my sisters engagement party on the 11th of March and I have been trying to leave my hair to grow so I can get it cut just before. This has meant the side that gets shaved has now become a very fluffy mess. The Vo5 however actually does calm it down just a little.

The L'Oreal men's expert tattoo reviving moisturiser is another I won't go into too much detail on however I love it. I use it daily, it is bringing out the colour in my tattoos and also leaving my skin super soft.

I have also gotten back into reading in February. The book I am currently on is Bruce Springsteen - born to run. I aren't very far but so far so good.

February was also a big month as I got to see Tegan and Sara twice. This meant getting to see my little Tegan and Sara family again which couldn't get better. The first show I was lucky enough to get meet and greet tickets for so I was over the moon as you can see in my previous post. The shows were amazing and the company was awesome. I was also lucky enough to meet Ria Mae and Alex Lahey at both shows. I am in love with all their music now so that is an extra bonus.

My final favourite of the month is this Brewdog IPA called Elvis Juice. I first had this to settle my nerves before meeting Tegan and Sara. I can honestly say I am hooked. This one is tastes just like grapefruit.

So there you have it those are just a few of my favourite things from February.

Hope you liked this post and I will see you all soon.


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