Juicy Fuel Cola

When the people over at Juice Shed Company asked if I would be interested in trying out some of their Juicy Fuel Cola range I couldn't say no. A naturally grown cola has to be better than normal cola right?

Here is what they say about the cola on their site.
Juicy Fuel Cola is 100% natural craft cola. Made by us here at The Juice Shed Company. Honestly, its one of your 5 a day. 
No preservatives
No e-numbers
No added sugar

No added sweeteners

All natural goodness served up in cola form.
Made to fuel your body the right way.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw they had sent me not just 1 but 3 cans of each cola. The one in the red can is just a normal cola fruit juice drink. Out of the 2 this was my least favourite. I loved the product but I wasn't too keen on the after taste this one left. I gave Liam a can to try he seemed to have no thoughts other than 'can I have another can'. I guess he like it that much.

My favourite was definitely the cherry version. I could have honestly drunk this all day long. It didn't leave as much of an after taste as the normal one. Even though it left a little after taste it wasn't half as strong. Liam also tried a can of this and I am guessing by the way he wanted more he was also liking the flavour.

I will definitely repurchase the cherry one for myself in the future and would recommend giving it a try yourself.

Hope you liked this post and I will see you all soon.


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