What is in my bag

 I have got to the stage where I really need to take a bag out with me instead of just throwing my wallet and phone in my pocket. I am currently using this batman messenger bag I got a while back in the Sainsbury's sale. I am looking for a smarter one but for now this will do. It has one large compartment and a tiny Velcro bit at the back.

In the main compartment are obviously the essentials. I have a can of hairspray just in case I get caught in the wind or rain. Along with this I have my Lynx wax and foldaway comb. I even keep a little fragrance in there because who knows when you are going to need it. I always carry a pack of tissues too usually character ones from the pound shop. 

I am also trying to get back into using my camera again so this is an addition to the bag. Hopefully i will be able to get back into my photography.

Also in the main bit I keep my glasses, these should be on my head all day but usually I just don't want to wear them. I am also trying to read more so I have my new book by Hannah Hart to try power through. As always I am a bit of a geek so my 3DS is always on hand, so is my notepad because who knows when post inspiration is going to strike.

In addition to these I also have my phone (which was used to take the images), my keys (gone missing at the moment) and my wallet which to be honest has also disappeared. 

So there you have it that is what I keep in my bag, what is in yours?

Hope you like this post and see you soon 

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