Morning Essentials

 I never used to take long to get ready in a morning but now I seem to take longer and longer as I add more and more products into it. First up I use the L'Oreal men expert tattoo reviver on my arms as I am determined to keep them looking bold as long as possible. I am on the look out for a full body moisturiser too if anyone has any recommendations.

One my arms are done it is onto the face, I start off using the Nip Fab cleaning pads followed by the Nivea toner. I am also currently using the Byron Bay moisturiser which I am loving, but a full post is coming up on that soon. 

Once the face is done it is onto fragrance. I have used the Lynx attract for a long time now only swapping it for the male Lynx. Once deodorant is on it is time for my perfume. I am using the Ralph Lauren Big Pony No.2 at the moment however I believe I only have a few days left of this. If I am heading out for the night or going somewhere fancy I use the Zadig & Voltair that I got after Christmas.

 The final step in the morning is always the longest because it is my hair. I like my hair to look its best so first up I get it to the style I want using my tangle teezer and then put the finishing style in place with my Johnny's chop shop comb I got in a set after Christmas.  I have also gotten back into straightening my hair a little just to get rid of any kinks and make sure its not stuck up at ridiculous angles. 

Once the hair is in place it is a choice on what products I want to use. Some times I will use the Fudge styling mousse but this isn't very often. My go to at the moment is the Lynx clay or Fish wax as I find these give the best result. Other times I may give the Lynx wax a go every now and again too. Every day though the products that definitely get used are the Fudge hairspray and Vo5 fluff tamer to make sure the look is completed.

So there you have it that is what I use daily. I hope you liked this post and I will see you soon.


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