Just Bee

 Just before Christmas the wonderful people over at Just Bee drinks sent me a selection of their waters. I honestly wasn't sure hat to expect as they contain and drop of honey (which I had never tried). I can honestly say I absolutely loved these drinks.

 I got a selection of the 3 flavours and also some flower seeds just to keep the bees going which I found a lovely touch.

First up was the blueberry. To be honest this was my least favourite, I aren't too keen on blueberry's however this did taste nice just the other two tasted better.

I absolutely loved the Lemon and Green tea one this was by far my favourite. Which was very surprising seen as I don't like lemon or green tea.

The final one apple and ginger was also a pleasant surprise as I hate both these ingredients on their own but loved them in this drink.

I can honestly say I will be buying every single on of these drinks again as they are a much healthier option than my usual drinks.

You can check out Just bee here www.justbeedrinks.co.uk

Hope you liked this post and I will see you all soon.


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