What we want to add to our home gym once it is complete


We are finally getting the garage converted into a gym, this is something I have wanted for a while now as the house is currently covered in workout equipment, we have a weights bench in the living room, weights in the hallway and a spin bike in the dining room, it really has taken over. I just want a space where everything is already set up and I can just walk in do my workout and leave without having to worry about dragging equipment around with me. Having the gym is definitely going to be beneficial for me on my fitness and weight loss journey but more importantly it should also allow me to get some more equipment to level up my workouts and see even more progress. There are plenty of pieces of equipment I would love to purchase for the home gym but here are the items I will be prioritizing... 

Heavier weights 

I have a set of weights at the moment that go up to 25kg however, as I am progressing on my journey I know that I am going to be progressing past this weight limit in the future so it would be great to be one step ahead and have those heavier weights ready to smash straight on with rather than having to stay at a lower weight whilst awaiting delivery. I am tempted to get some better ones this time around too rather than just the basic Argos ones we currently have. 

Pull up bar

I don't know why but since we said we were going to turn the garage into a gym I have said I would love to fasten a pull up bar onto the wall. Granted I can't do a pull up and never have been able to but that is one of the end goals of my journey, to be able to complete a set of pull ups, my strength massively needs improving on my upper body and this would be a brilliant addition plus buying one doesn't need to break the bank either as they are pretty reasonably priced. 

Flat weights bench 

We have recently purchased an incline and decline weights bench but I am really hoping we have the space and budget to add a flat weights bench into our home gym set up. This just gives us another option as the current bench doesn't lie completely flat meaning this new flat bench would be perfect for things such as bench pressing. It just gives me a chance to switch up my exercises a little bit more. 

Yoga mat 

I really don't know why I don't have a yoga mat yet as you can get one that is a good thickness for a pretty reasonable price, maybe it is because I don't fancy another item just dotted around the house that has put me off purchasing one so far. This is definitely going to be one of my first purchases though so that I can work on stretching, abs and mobility comfortably rather than just feeling the hard ground underneath me, which is something that I hate especially when I am having to do an exercise with my bad knee on the hard ground. This item is definitely a number 1 purchase as that stretching and mobility has been neglected for too long.

TRX trainer 

I have seen a few people on YouTube using the TRX trainers and to be honest at first I wasn't too bothered about wanting one but the more I watched the more the want has grown. This piece of equipment would be a great addition for any bodyweight exercises I want to add to my routine as the trainer is a great resistance workout for your core and mobility (something I am really trying to work on). The best part is I could use this in the gym or I could take it out and about with me even if I went away as it is super portable, there would really be no excuses for not getting workouts in wherever I am if I had this. 

Medicine ball

We use the medicine ball a fair bit at boxing and I am honestly starting to enjoy using it, whereas before I would actively try avoid it. I have done a bit of searching already and have noticed you can get them pretty cheap from most places so I think I might get a 5kg one to start with and see how it goes however, we all know what I am like no doubt as things progress I am going to end up with a variety of medicine balls in a variety sizes. I think the purchase would definitely be worth while though as I can imagine Liam would end up using a medicine ball in a workout too.


Here we go the big wish list item and the one that honestly made me want to convert the garage in the first place. I have wanted a treadmill for the longest time as I have wanted to get into running and this would give me a good starting point alongside providing me somewhere safe to run on those dark nights where it might also be icy. A treadmill would also help me get my steps in when the weather is really bad outside meaning my activity levels would stay high all year round rather than dropping off. I am really hoping one would also help me improve my stamina and overall fitness levels for football too now I am back playing. This is definitely going to be the most expensive purchase for the home gym but I think it is going to be the most used and overall the most beneficial for my journey. 

I am really looking forward to getting this home gym up and running, I have even started putting a bit of money to one side so that I can purchase the items on this list as quickly as possible so I can get cracking straight on with achieving the goals and really make the most of the new space once it is completed. 

What is one item you would definitely have in your home gym? 

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