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I still can't quite get over the fact that November is over already, like seriously where has this year gone? November is yet another month where I have failed miserably at my budget but I guess it was kind of to be expected with Christmas gifts to buy for others but I have noticed I have definitely treated myself throughout November too which I can't complain about as the purchases are either really useful ones or things I just couldn't leave behind. So here are my purchases from November 2022...

Me and Liam seem to have taken a liking to Tim Horton's lately and to be honest it is costing us a small fortune as it isn't exactly local. We have both taken a liking to vanilla drinks so when I was in Home Bargains and saw this jar of vanilla coffee for just £1.99 I had to pick it up in hopes of it tasting at least a little like a Tim Horton's and it helping us save more money.

I am planning plenty of cosy nights over the winter period, I really don't need to be going outside unless it is really necessary plus I need to get nice and warm after playing football so cosy nights sound perfect. I have treated us to these hot chocolate spoons in the hope that they will become the perfect winter evening companion. A good hot chocolate whilst gaming in the winter is essential for me so fingers crossed they do the trick.

Every winter period I end up picking up the festive scented laundry products that are on offer and to be honest I look forward to buying these items, is it a sign of growing up? I absolutely love this years winter warmth scent and I am really looking forward to all our washing smelling of this over the next few weeks.

I am hoping that over the festive period me and Liam can spend a bit more time together than we have been doing. I picked up these gingerbread house kits which he isn't too keen on however, it should provide a fun filled yet probably argumentative afternoon for us. These were pretty cheap so I am not expecting much from them but you never know they might surprise us.

Now I am back playing football I am picking up a few knocks and my knee is needing a bit more care as it is being put through its paces, I have picked up these deep freeze patches to see if they are any benefit to me. It is just trial and error at the moment to see what works best for me and my recovery time. Fingers crossed these are a big benefit and my recovery time improves massively.

My current knee brace is getting a bit worse for wear and the velcro isn't always sticking which is driving me mad lately. Just to keep me going until I sort a new one out I have picked up this wrap to try, I am nit sue how good it is going to be as it is only from the pound shop but surely it can't be worse than what I have currently got, I really do need to sort out a new knee brace ASAP though.

Some of my sneakers are currently a huge mess and I just can't stop wearing them even though looking at the scuffs kills me. In Home Bargains recently I found these trainer erasers for £1.49 so I thought why not treat myself to a pack to see if they can actually bring my sneakers back to life. Again with how cheap these were I aren't holding out much hope of them working miracles but I guess you never know.

I am determined to start making time each day to switch off and just relax away from screens in the hopes that it will stop my brain from going into overdrive and give me a bit of a break, something I haven't had for a while. I used to love doing jigsaws and switching off so I am hoping these two Marvel ones really help get me back into just putting some time to one side for screen free time. Surely they wont be as complicated as other ones I have tried to do in the past.

We are trying to get my nephew to try new foods and one of my suggestions was a jam sandwich which he happily agreed to trying (whether he does in the end or not is a different matter all together). When I saw this Duggee book for 79p I couldn't resist it, I am hoping that if he reads this he will be more willing to try the sandwich.

Football themed purchases have definitely become more frequent in 2022 and I really aren't complaining. I picked up this book on a recent trip to Costco and I can't wait to sit down and give it a read. Granted I think it is aimed more towards kids however, I couldn't leave it behind due to it featuring the men's & women's game.

Leah Williamson is one of my favourite footballers so when I saw this coaster in the National Football Museum I knew it was coming home with me. I love this although it wont be being used as a coaster, this is now pride of place in my little home office which has a football theme. It looks great on top of my Kallax unit which is just filled with football shirts, next up a Williamson shirt.

I am a Miss Kick ambassador through my women's football website and I am loving my time with them so far as it is such a fantastic community to be a part of. I have been after some of their headbands for a long time but my hair was never long enough to warrant one. Now it is growing though it is doing my head in whilst I am working out so I finally got myself the headbands I have wanted for so long. I can't wait to get wearing these.

I also had to treat myself to this travel cup (the water bottle is next on the list though) I have to travel for my games and the weather is really dropping cold now so I am hoping that this will keep a drink warm enough for me post game but time will tell. This is also going to be great for taking drinks to work with me and to other games as it will certainly help me save money.

I also treated myself to a new Miss Kick backpack. I wanted a new bag for football games as my holdall was too big but the bags I already had were that bit too small. As soon as I saw this Miss Kick one I knew I needed to add it to my gameday essentials. It was a bit more expensive than bags I have previously had but it has been worth every penny so far, it has kept things dry when caught in a downpour and fits everything in perfectly. I will definitely get plenty of use out of this bag so it was worth every penny.

Fitness levels have been a big thing that have let me down lately when it comes to football and it is something I want to massively improve on. I have been looking into these energy gels for a while now and have always been tempted to see if they would improve my performance or not. I found these on offer in Costco for a double pack so I am looking forward to giving them a try, fingers crossed they give me that extra boost I desperately need.

It is the time of year where the thermals are definitely required especially for when I am sat watching the football in the winter months. My old thermals just weren't doing the trick anymore as they were hung of me and were about 4 years old so whilst in Costco I treated myself to 2 new ones in a size that are actually going to fit me. These are exactly the same as my old ones so I know they are going to work perfectly for me and should hopefully last as long as my others although I aren't planning on fitting into them for that long.

For training I only really have shorts that are suitable currently however, with the drastic drop in temperatures I knew this needed to change and that I needed to get myself some tracksuit bottoms for both football training and boxing. These Adidas ones are from Costco and cost way less than £20 so I would say I got a bargain with them and hopefully they will keep my legs warm on those extra cold sessions. 

Finally after so many years of being a fan I got to see N-Dubz in November, the day the tickets to their comeback tour went on sale I grabbed a couple and the countdown begun. Of course I saved up some money to buy some merchandise however, some of the prices were still a bit too much for me. I ended up saving a bit of money by picking up a hoodie from outside the venue and I love it. This is going to be perfect for lounging around in.

Inside the venue though I really couldn't resist this long sleeved t-shirt with the logo on the front and strong again down the sleeves. I have to say strong again is one of my favourite N-Dubz songs so it was clear that it was this one that was going to be purchased rather than the playing with fire one. It actually fits really nice too and I am sure I am going to get plenty of wear out of it.

I have to say thought this Uncle B t-shirt is by far my favourite. It is a bit of an acid washed style with the old album cover on which just so happens to be my favourite N-Dubz album, the quality of this is amazing and I know I am definitely going to get plenty of wear out of this one. I am so glad I made sure I had plenty of money available to me when I was off to this concert as I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on any of the purchases I made. 

You might remember a while back I picked up a white and green rugby style shirt and quite simply fell in love with it. Well I loved it that much I went back and got it in another colour and it is safe to say I am in love with this one and to be honest I could go as far as saying I love it more than the other. Granted my family are saying it looks like something Dennis the Menace would wear but it is just perfect for me and I can't wait to get styling it properly.

I am loving the ice hockey lately and my dad treated me, my sister & my nephew to one of this seasons Leeds Knights shirts. I ended up finally getting a Tate Shudra one after weeks of not being able to decide who I wanted on the back. Now I just need to save up to get the other 2 shirts they will be wearing this season. 

I said that when I could fit into a medium Manchester United I would finally purchase one and surprisingly I am already at the stage where the purchase could be made. I didn't wait around and as soon as I knew it fit I ended up on the Man Utd website ordering a WSL printed shirt. I ended up opting for the home shirt with Lucy Staniforth on the back, one of my favourite players who is massively underrated. I can't wait to purchase a few more Man Utd shirts as soon as possible as you can never beat adding a new shirt to the collection.

So there you have it November was a really spendy month and December is certainly heading in the same direction however, if you can't treat yourself during the festive period when can you treat yourself? I think the budget is out of the window for December so expect a big new in post to wrap up the year but then it is a case of knuckling down and getting on top of my finances in 2023. 

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