November 2022 Finess Update

Well that is November over and done with and it has been a month of maintaining my weight, which to be honest I am glad about as it wasn't the best month with life being 100 mph and me barely even being at home for anything other than sleep. I am quite proud that I have managed to maintain my weight as November wasn't my best month at all but I didn't fall back into old habits which is certainly a win for me. So here is how November's goals went...

Go boxing every Wednesday 
I was on track to do this until the final Wednesday of the month where I ended up being sent home from work ill which obviously meant I wasn't up for boxing that evening. I am definitely seeing a difference from going more consistently so fingers crossed I can hit the goal I have set myself for December and get to every session.

Hit 6k steps daily 
I think I managed to do this most days apart from the odd few where I wasn't feeling too good or had days sat in front of the computer. It has been great hitting these steps continuously and I am looking forward to challenging myself more now that my step target has been increased again. The steps are definitely making a big difference on my journey and I can't wait to see what that increase does for me in December.

Get all the workout clothing sorted out
This once again hasn't been done due to that lack of time however, I have rolled it over to December and I will be making an evening or even a Saturday morning free to get this goal ticked off as we head into the festive period to make space for anything new I might end up receiving for Christmas or anything I pick up in the sales. I need to get rid of anything that is hung off me now as I need that extra space.

Lose 5lbs
Well this was always going to be an ambitious target and I ended up maintaining, I am going to set this as a goal for December though as with the way things are going there is a high chance I could actually achieve this. Time to get cracking on with sorting that nutrition out.
Try get on bike twice a week
Maybe this one would have happened if I was actually at home to do it or if when I was at home I could actually get the bike into the living room which is currently a mess due to us not being at home. This is something I am going to be incorporating into my routine a lot more in 2023 though so its time to make sure I am actually at home and the living room has space for the bike.

Go football training every Monday 
This is exactly the same as boxing, it was going so well until the final week of the month. It was on the Monday that I really started to feel unwell, I put it down to getting soaked playing football but that clearly wasn't the full reason. I was going to push myself to go to the final session of the month but in the end I just wasn't up for it. We will try hit every possible session in December though to make up for it.

Sort new football boots out 
Well I have found the pair I really, really want however, they are going to cost me a fortune so I have got a reward incentive set for them if I actually score a goal. To be honest though I don't think I can wait that long so I will be doing a bit of saving to gain these a bit quicker than waiting around for a goal.

Cut back on takeaways
I ended up having far too many takeaways throughout November due to laziness from both me and Liam plus a lack of time at home to cook, some weeks we didn't even get a food shop done as we couldn't squeeze it into our week and this just set us up for failure. I am determined to be a lot more prepared and get my nutrition sorted throughout December though.

Meal prep every week
Again this was going to be an ambitious one all along and really didn't happen due to that lack of time. I am determined to make meal prep a big part of my weekly routine now though as I have seriously seen the benefits I can achieve from it in the past. It is time to really sort that nutrition out once and for all.

 So here is how November looked on the scales...

Beginning of November weight: 15 stone 0 lb 

End of November weight : 15 stone 0 lb

Total loss for the month : Same

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in December...

- Go boxing every week that it is on
- Get workout clothing sorted out
- Lose 5lbs
- Football training every Monday it is on 
- Play football games every week they are on (if picked for team)
- Enjoy the festive period but don't go overboard

I am determined to smash the final month of the year and start 2023 in the best way possible as I am super impressed with the progress I have made in 2022 even with a fair few set backs. If I can get a few more pounds off in December I will be going into 2023 at my lowest weight possible and I am more and more determined to make a big push towards my final goal throughout 2023 as I know I am capable of doing so. Time to make December count. 

Total loss for 2022 : - 13 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 1 stone 2 lb

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