November 2022 Favourites

November has been yet another great month in terms of life overall, granted it has been another extremely busy month. There has once again been loads going on and to be honest I have been very lucky if I have been having 2 nights a week where I have had the chance to go straight home from work and either relax or work on the blogs but I can't complain as those busy nights have certainly been worth it and it is safe to say 2022 has been a great year and November has just added to it being so good. As always I have managed to discover some new favourite things throughout the month as well as rediscovering old one, so here are the favourites that made the cut this time around...


Trying new things 

If you know me you will know that I typically tend to stick to the same sort of clothing however, this autumn I am trying to mix it up a bit and experiment with different clothing. This has been one of my favourite things to do as it has led to me finding new clothing items that I love as well as me feeling more comfortable in the way I dress & a whole lot more confident. One of my favourites from the new items I have tried is certainly this rugby style shirt, I never thought I would enjoy wearing something like this, but I love it, it just makes my outfits a bit smarter and it is so comfortable and easy to style.


Working on projects

I might not have had much time at home but I have had the odd few bits of free time especially on my lunch breaks, if I haven't had the free time I have made it by staying up a lot later than usual to get things done. This has been really important to me as it has meant that I can get the ideas for future projects written down and I can actually start working on them rather than having them just floating around in my brain. I have already got a lot planned for 2023 so it is time to get cracking and working on it all now to try get ahead of myself and try avoid any burnout next year. Working on the projects has been great so far and although it is early stages I can't wait to see it all start coming together. 


Cosy living room vibes

In previous years I have spent far too many evenings in the games room however, now I am more than happy to get settled on the sofa under a blanket and just watch TV for hours on end. I don't know if it is because I have got hooked on the show Blue Bloods or if it is due to all the football I am watching lately but I now spend more of my time in the living room and I can't complain. Even with a weights bench in the room it is nice and cosy on an evening and let's not talk about all the times I have actually fallen asleep on the sofa as I have got too comfortable.

Health & fitness

All of the football

Probably my overall favourite throughout November is ll of the football, now for once I don't mean watching it I actually mean playing it. I really got into a consistent routine in November so there were plenty of training sessions and even games to play, it is safe to say I absolutely loved every second of it and I am already counting down to our next games and training sessions. It is fantastic being a part of a team once more.

So there you have it those are my favourites from November. What are your favourites from November 2022? 

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