My 2022 Christmas wish list

I have to admit when family members have asked me what I want for Christmas in the past I have struggled however, this year has been totally the opposite I have actually had so many ideas to give them as I actually have real hobbies again. This year I have definitely opted for the more practical gifts for the most part that are actually going to benefit me throughout the year. 2022 has been a brilliant year as I have thrown myself into my fitness & weight loss journey therefore a lot of items on this list are to help me smash the goals I set in that area for 2023 however, it has been a big year for me as I have got back into playing football which means I can ask for items that are going to benefit me for both training and game days. It has actually been nice to be able to give ideas for gifts rather than just shrugging my shoulders and ending up with a lot of random things on Christmas day, I have definitely tried being more practical with the gifts too as I am trying to declutter the house and only purchase/receive items that are going to be of benefit to me with how the current climate is going my eyes have really been opened up to just how much money has previously been wasted and there really is no need for it. As always this list is made up of items I will be suggesting to Liam and family members whilst it also includes a few more expensive items that I will be looking towards purchasing as a Christmas gift or two to myself because why not. So here is my 2022 Christmas wish list...

These bath salts have become an addition to my routine that I really can't cope without, every bath time I am using these now and honestly I can't see it changing anytime soon. They definitely help with my aching muscles and recovery time has been a whole lot better since adding them to my baths. These are relatively cheap to purchase and to be honest it is a good job as I can sometimes go through multiple bags a month depending on how many workouts I do in that month, that is why this is top of my wish list, they are a huge benefit. 

I have realised this year I rely on my phone far too much when it comes to my workouts and numerous times I have had to delay starting a workout so that I can charge my phone up. I came across a few people on Instagram using a workout logbook and after looking into them myself I have realised just how much I could end up benefitting for owning one. I can write my workout down and crack on without having to rely on my phone and apps. It would definitely make workouts more efficient and then I can just transfer things to my phone later on. 

I am constantly using a protein shaker these days whether it is for a shake, EAAs or even pre-workout so I have realised you can never have too many shakers around the house. I would absolutely love a football themed one though for game days and could even ask my mum to personalise it for me seen as I am calling going back to football my Jordan Nobbs comeback. I could easily have a choice of teams but one that has Nobbs 8 or something similar would be the perfect personalised gift.

After watching England become the Euro winners from inside Wembley of course there was going to be at least 1 item to commemorate that day on my Christmas list. When scrolling through looking for book recommendations recently I came across this one on Amazon and sent Liam the link straight away. This book looks like the perfect item to add to any Lioness fans collection so we can look back on the tournament whenever we like.

I have a bit of an issue with my wardrobe lately... nothing fits me right so I am wanting to add better quality pieces that should last me a while even with my size changing for the better. I was originally going to wait until I reached my end goal to pick up my first pair of Jordan cargos however, they are just constantly calling my name. I absolutely love the look of them and they could be a little Christmas treat to myself.

These Nike Blazers have been calling my name for a very long time now and I am really surprised that I haven't caved in yet and purchased them. I think a link for these might end up being sent to Liam or I might just give in and finally treat myself to a pair. They would be perfect for the spring time as they are simple yet classic colourway that will go with probably all of my wardrobe, I think if I did end up getting them they could end up as a most worn pair for me in 2023. 

This exact Gymshark hoodie was one of my first ever purchases from the back in 2019 and it is still going strong, no damage to it or anything like that however, I need to purchase myself a new one as the original is hung off me now thanks to my weight loss. With how well the original has served me I am going to stick with this exact one as it is nice and simple and is perfect for working out or even those more chilled casual days. 

I have noticed one area of workout clothing that is lacking... my short collection, for some reason I only have a few pairs of shorts and now I am working out more often I really need to change that. The shorts I currently own are all Gymshark ones and to be honest I think if I treat myself to any for Christmas they will also be Gymshark ones as they just fit me right and are super comfortable. A black pair and a grey pair would definitely go down a treat and work really well with the other clothing I currently have.

Now I am playing football more often I have realised parts of my equipment that require either an upgrade or need adding. One thing I have found to be missing is a good pair of grip socks and that is why they have found their way onto this wish list. A good pair of grip socks is going to be an addition to my training and game day routine as it just means my feet will no longer be sliding all over my boots and my performance should be that bit better than it has been. 
Remember when I said I was going through loads of bath salts, well I am also going through a lot of sock tape which I honestly didn't expect. I use the tape to keep my shinpads in place on game day and even for training so a roll doesn't seem to last me two minutes. I think Liam will be getting sent a link to a multipack of sock tape as he is the only person who seems to appreciate just how much I go through.

We have started going to watch Man Utd women games and since seeing the players warming up in this t-shirt I have been in love with it. I just love the design on it and after seeing it in a shop I have realised it is also pretty good quality, better than I expected to be honest. I think this could be a great t-shirt for training or even doing my weights workouts in but who knows it could even come in handy just for going to watch games in.

Galton is one of my favourite WSL players and I absolutely love the Man Utd away shirt so getting this shirt for Christmas would definitely be a win, win situation for me. I could represent my favourite player in a great looking shirt. It would be great for mixing up which shirt I wear on game days too, I would have the option between Galton, Earps and Staniforth, choices don't get much better than that.

If you have read the blog for a while now you will know I absolutely love a 1/4 zip top and there have been plenty of additions in that department over the year but this Man Utd one would definitely top them all if I got my hands on it. I love the way the colours work on this and again it is great quality, better than I expected. Usually I would wait for something like this to drop in price but I don't think I would be able to wait this time around.

I know the last few items have been Man Utd ones however, I have wanted a Leah Williamson shirt for the longest time therefore I am planning on treating myself to an Arsenal shirt with her name on the back. I really can't decide between the 3rd or away shirt though so who knows which one I am going to end up with when I do finally make the purchase.

The reason I aren't getting the Arsenal home shirt with Williamson on is because that is reserved for a Jordan Nobbs one. I have wanted a Nobbs shirt for even longer than I have wanted a Williamson one as she is by far my favourite player and is a hugely under rated player in the league. She is a player I look up to due to her ability to bounce back from injury and is just overall a brilliant player. This shirt is going to be the perfect addition to my collection and fingers crossed I get it in time for watching her play as I would love to get it signed by her. 

Finally we have a new pair of boots on the list, now Liam has said he would get me a new pair of boots if I score however, I have a funny feeling that Christmas is definitely going to come around before then so why not treat myself. The pair I want are certainly on the expensive side at £250 however, they should last and be a whole lot more comfortable than my current pair which I only bought as they were cheap. I just absolutely love the colour and pattern on this book, plus a lot of my favourites wear them too so they must be good. 

So there you have it that is my Christmas wish list for 2022, I can definitely see me getting a few items off this list as a treat to myself and no doubt a few ideas will be getting sent Liam way when he asks me a week before Christmas what I want as he usually does. It is time to start making better choices now and only getting those practical items that are going to benefit me and the goals I am aiming for as now I am getting older I know there is no point wasting mine or family members money.

What is top of your Christmas wish list?

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