The products I use daily

I noticed throughout the summer that my skin was getting into terrible condition, I was breaking out once more, it was taking ages for breakouts to calm down and my skin was constantly red and itchy. I think this was partly down to a big change in my diet, the wrong way once again but I also realised I wasn't taking care of my skin like I used to. My skin had just got used to me having a consistent skin care routine however, as the weather got better I neglected that, it was also used to me being hydrated and eating better foods, something where I noticed a huge difference in my skin condition but again my diet went off track and the first place that suffered was my skin. The past month or so though I have been putting that time aside once more to piece together a skin care routine that works for me alongside getting my skin sorted out I have also started taking more time in my whole routine when I am getting ready, I consider which fragrance suits the season more and I also spend more time sorting my hair as it is out of control at the moment whilst it is growing out. So here are some of the daily products I am using in my routine which is still fairly new but coming along nicely...

First up I have been using the Neutrogena clear and soothe mousse cleaner, in the past I have never bothered with a cleanser but I am so glad I gave this mousse cleanser a go, it is really refreshing on my skin and I have seen a nice difference since using this. I have noticed with this cleanser a little really does go a long way and it seems to be lasting me a long time making it great value for money so far, I just hope my skin carries on agreeing with it. I also use the Neutrogena clear and defend + face wash, before I bought this I did a bit of research and found it was part of a budget range that would be perfect for my skin, since using this range my breakouts have certainly become less frequent which is the best result I could have wished for. the face wash applies really well and I finish off the routine with two more items from the range, the serum and the clear moisturiser. I am really impressed with how these products are working with my skin and I have a funny feeling I will be repurchasing all these items when the time comes.

Another daily product I use is the Mitchum shower fresh roll on, now up until a few month ago I wasn't a fan of roll on deodorants but after a few recommendations I picked the Mitchum one up as it was on offer in boots and I honestly don't think I will be going back to aerosol deodorants in the future. This shower fresh roll on certainly keeps me smelling good during the day and isn't too overpowering like some aerosol ones, it isn't sticky and one roll on certainly lasts a long time. I have already got another one in line for when my current one runs out and I don't see any changes to which deodorant I use anytime soon, I am super happy with it. 

When it comes to fragrances I am really trying to cut back on the amount I spend on a bottle as I was buying expensive ones and getting sick of them a month or so later, as I am trying to manage money better now my eyes are being opened to cheaper products that still smell great. At the moment I  am just using these small eau de toilette from the Primark men's department, they are around £2 a bottle and last me a long time even though they are such small bottles. I have a variety of scents from here that are perfect for autumn which I keep switching between and each fragrances stands out in its own way without being too overpowering, something which I was worried about when first buying them. 

I am growing my hair out at the moment as I just feel like a bit of a change however, I have noticed that growing my hair out takes a lot more patience than I expected and I need to spend a bit more time on it each day as it is a lot harder to style, I can't just run the brush through it and leave it. I have started applying this oil to it which is definitely helping keep it in a good condition and then I am applying a beach matt paste just to help create the curly messed up look I am going with lately and will be doing for a long time. This Got2b one was reasonably priced and is lasting me a long time so I am sure this is going to be another repurchase when it is finished. 

Finally every day I use this shockwaves hairspray. I was using the got2b one however, it costs a fortune these days and I wasn't getting the hold I wanted from it so I switched to this shockwaves one and I am impressed. I can get two cans of this for the price of one got2b one so it is much better value for money and it lasts longer and provides a much better hold, something I am very grateful of especially with how my hair is growing at the moment.

As I said this routine is still fairly new and I am working out which products work the best for me and which don't however, so far all these products are working brilliantly for me and a lot of them will definitely be getting repurchased when they run out. It has been nice having a skincare routine that is benefiting me a lot more than previous ones have and this is actually easy to stick to, 2022 has been all about building habits and the items in this post are definitely helping me with that. 

What are some products you use daily?

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