Gift ideas for fitness lovers

Christmas is fast approaching and we are at that stage of the year where every two minutes I am asked what I want for Christmas and to be honest I am usually stuck for ideas to give my family, now though I actually have proper interests and hobbies that can create a bit of a theme for gift ideas. This year I have really got into working out a whole lot more than I have done previously, I have been going boxing more often and most importantly I have got back playing football at long last so this year I have had a fair few ideas to give family members which got me thinking about this post, so today's post is a compilation of ideas of gifts for those people who love fitness and items that will help them kick start any fitness goals they have set for 2023. Some of these items I already own and absolutely love whereas others are items I am suggesting to my own family as they are items I would love to have as part of my own journey for the big goals I am setting out to achieve in 2023, but more on those in the new year. So here is my list of perfect gift ideas for a fitness lover...

I use my phone to record my workouts but in 2023 I don't want to rely on my phone as much and after having a look on Instagram I have seen a lot of people using the workout log books to record their sessions. I have always preferred to write things down on paper so I am not sure why I haven't got one of these yet. You can get these at a variety of price points so they could be a good budget stocking filler but it is a great way to track your progress.

One of my best purchases since the start of my journey has been my massage gun, I think mine was around £50 at the time however, again there are different ones at different price points to suit all budgets. The massage gun has been a life saver since I bought it however, it has been even more useful since I have started playing football. A quick 10/15 minutes with this just helps reduce the muscle soreness and means I am good to go again the next day and can get more sessions in weekly rather than having to wait 3 days for muscle recovery like I used to at the start of my journey. 

Ah bath salts, my absolute favourite product for after football training and games. I go through bags of these like they are going out of fashion and I really do feel like I benefit from using them in my baths. They just help with that muscle recovery and I have found they really do speed up the recovery process. I already know I am getting a 2kg bag of these for Christmas and I can't wait even though I know the 2kg probably won't last very long. These are great to keep stocked on the bathroom shelves and are the perfect addition to a nice warm bath.

In 2023 I am planning to include more stretching and mobility into my routine as I know it is going to benefit my football performance, I would love a brilliant yoga mat to do the stretching on as it is a much better surface than the hard floor or the carpet. Plus we should have the home gym sorted in 2023 and a nice yoga mat would look fantastic in the space. I love these HB London ones as you can have them personalised so they make the perfect gift. Granted these are on the more expensive side at £79 but they look absolutely fantastic.

I don't go to a gym and don't really need another wash bag but this Gymshark one would be ideal for a typical gym goer as there is plenty of space for all the essentials. For me though it would be great for football, in my bag at the moment I just have loads of little loose items so a bag like this just to hold them would be ideal. It could house my sock tape, inhalers, protein powder box and even the essential deep heat roll on. It would definitely stop me wasting time looking around for each item, there are plenty of uses for this bag and it looks simple and stylish what more could you want? This is an essential for every gym bag.

Is it even Christmas if you don't receive a pair of socks? I know that I always get plenty of new pairs around this year and they are always the same style... sports socks. I just find sports socks much more comfortable than ordinary ones, now for a while I only ever wore Nike ones however, I got a pack of Gymshark ones, and they very well become my new go to pairs. They are a bit more padded on the foot and are really comfortable, I have found they are lasting a while too which is even better. A good pair of sports socks should be in every fitness fanatics stocking this Christmas they certainly are an essential.

As the weather changes a hoodie is the perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe and it is an even better for those who work out. A nice pullover hoodie is perfect for going to and from the gym or a fitness class, you can warm up in it and simply take it off when it is no longer required during your session before putting it back on ready to hit the cold air outdoors when your session is done. I live in hoodies around this time of year and wear them whilst at my boxing classes as it just provides a bit of extra warmth. This Gymshark hoodie would be the perfect to any workout clothing wardrobe as it is super simple yet looks great. I have had this exact one for years now and the quality is brilliant so a Gymshark hoodie is high up on the fitness lovers gift guide for me. 

A good pair of shorts is an essential for working out as I have realised a lot this past year. Some shorts in my collection were just not cutting it for me as they were restricting my movements and just weren't comfortable however, both my Gymshark pairs were spot on and I had my best workouts in them. I don't tend to buy shorts throughout the year as the ones I have either last or are a bit too expensive for me justifying buying more of them but I know a lot of people like to have a little collection to pick from so a good pair of shorts is definitely a winning gift idea. 

Another budget gift idea is a 2 litre water bottle, I finally picked up one this year and it has become a daily essential. It goes everywhere with me and I am glad of that as it means that I am definitely staying hydrated unlike before. You can get these in designs to suit everyone and can get different quality ones so definitely have a shop around to see what suits the person you are gifting the most.

If the gift recipient drinks protein shakers or pre workout a perfect budget gift could be a new shaker that is a bit more personal to them. After doing some searching for my own gift ideas I have realised you can get them for just about any interest. You can get them with the persons favourite football team on or even their favourite wrestlers, there really is something for everyone. Again you can get these on a budget and would be perfect for someone who desperately needs a shaker upgrade but won't do it themselves.

If you have a bit more of a budget then a good pair of earphones might be a good idea for a fitness lover. There is nothing worse than going to do a workout and realising you have forgotten your earphones, I have been there and done that far too many times or I have got there and realised that they aren't charged which is even more annoying. These Under Armour x JBL ones look perfect for working out in plus they have a handy little charging case whilst costing less than a pair of Airpods. A pair of earphones are definitely on the more pricy side of budgets but they are perfect for so many workouts whether it is in the gym, on a run or even going for a long walk. 

So there you go those are just a few gift ideas for those fitness lovers in your life. Each item will definitely benefit their workouts in one way or another and there is something for all budgets. I know a fair few of these items are on my own wish list and I am hoping that receiving them will really help get 2023 off to a great start in terms of the continuation of my own fitness journey. 

What items would you love to receive to help your own fitness journey?

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