My perfect autumn outfit under £30

With my weight loss journey really starting to take shape I am trying to be much better with my money. I am realising now I don't need to spend a fortune on new clothing as those new items might only end up lasting me a few months if I continue making the progress I am. That is why I am now tending to stick to Primark when it comes to clothing, I can piece together some cheaper outfits that are still pretty good quality. I have found that with Primark I can put together an outfit for £30 and still look good in it and full of confidence, the men's department has become my go to lately and I have restocked my wardrobe with some great new pieces that didn't break the bank but should also still look great even if they are a bit baggier on me in just a few months time, I do love these items so much though that I am already tempted to repurchase them a size smaller so I am covered for when I do drop more weight. This outfit in this post for the top and bottoms cost just £27 and honestly it is one of my favourite outfits at the moment, it is just so comfortable and I felt really confident when wearing it. So here is what the outfit consisted of...

I absolutely love these cuffed bottom cargo pants from Primark. They were just £15 and the fit is absolutely fantastic. At first I was worried about them being a bit too tight on my thighs as that has always been a struggled when buying bottoms from the men's section however, these are absolutely perfect around that area and are super comfortable with room in them without looking too baggy. The cuffed bottom is perfect too as the cargos are actually the perfect length for me which again is something I often struggle with due to being so short. They are the perfect length for with a variety of sneakers in my collection however, for this particular outfit I teamed them up with my nice new Air Force 1's and they work really well together. The pockets on these are perfect too and normally I wouldnt trust using them but I can easily put my wallet or phone in there without them looking too bulky. The drawstring top of the cargos is great too as they are elasticated, they should fit me that bit longer, or at least I am hoping that is going to be the case.

I never thought I would purchase a rugby style shirt in the past, to be honest they never really appealed to me. I thought the collar would irritate me and that the style wouldn't go with the rest of my wardrobe but WOW how wrong was past me. As soon as I laid eyes on this one in Primark I knew it was coming home with me if it fit me right and even a size down from normal I was impressed with the fit. It doesn't cling to me and is actually a bit oversized which definitely surprised me. I am definitely in between sizes now but I can imagine this top is going to last me a while as even a bit over sized it still looks great. In the past I have usually avoided anything with white as it has not worked well with my size, plus I usually end up staining them in one way or another but this one is great. The white isn't see-through and the dark green compliments it really well. The dark green is another colour I usually wouldn't bother with but it is safe to say I am now on the look out for more clothing including this green colour. 

At first I thought the large collar on this shirt would get on my nerves however, it sits really well and actually looks quite smart whether the shirt is buttoned up or not. In the past some shirts I have had and washed a few times the collar goes a bit out of shape and is a nightmare to get looking right however, so far I have had no issues with this one and it is still looking as good as the day I first bought it. What I do love thought is the SB detail on the chest, it is really the main focus of the shirt and it looks great, it really does stand out and just adds the bit of detail to make the shirt what it is, without this I think it would definitely look a bit too boring and I don't think I would have purchased it. As for the shirt itself as I mentioned it is a little bit over sized for me which is perfect but also the body length is the correct length as are the sleeves, these are 2 areas I have struggled with in the past due to my height but finally things are fitting me a whole lot better.

This outfit only being £27 is absolutely perfect for the direction my shopping habits are heading in at the moment and I am absolutely loving the fit of it. I love both these items that much I already have the cargos in a grey pair and I am on the hunt for more of these rugby style shirts to fill my wardrobe with. The outfit teamed with my Nike Air Force 1's gives the perfect smart casual look and I know my Vans and Converse would work well with it too making a nice versatile outfit combination that would suit numerous occasions rather than just being suited to shopping trips or work like more of my wardrobe currently is. For how much I paid for these items it is safe to say I am going to get my wear out of them and I am already planning on wearing them to various things I have coming up so get used to seeing them as I am sure they will be on social media a fair bit. 

 I am definitely learning these days that creating great outfits on a budget is more than possible so I am sure you will be seeing more posts like this whilst I am on my weight loss journey and trying to build a wardrobe that fits whilst not breaking the bank. I am going through so many clothes at the moment a wardrobe declutter is definitely in order so I guess I might require another Primark trip once that takes place. 

What do you think to these rugby style shirts? Do you love them or hate them? 

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