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Well it has definitely shocked me when I have come to sit down to write this post... I thought I would be writing forever with how my bank account was looking at the end of the month but that is definitely not the case. My bank account might have been empty but that was actually due to me picking up a lot more Christmas presents for family members than I expected, which I guess is an added bonus as it means that as we approach Christmas more money is freed up for myself so I can either put it into savings or actually treat myself properly, I should definitely be saying it would head to savings but realistically we know it won't be don't we? I have to say though I am pleased at the amount of Christmas shopping I have done so far and I don't think it will be long until it is finished, but for now here is a look at everything I treated myself to in October...

Of course October is spooky season and the shops were full of great merchandise for Halloween this time around. When I was in Asda I came across this Disney Villian's mug and I couldn't resist it. I definitely didn't need any more mugs but I absolutely love the Disney Villian's and honestly I will be using this all year round now. An added bonus is that it is huge too so perfect for those cosy hot chocolates.

I seem to have had this Alex Scott book on order forever but finally it has arrived and I can't wait to get reading it. Alex Scott has always been one of my favourite footballers and I absolutely love her commentary etc, she just seems to be everywhere these days. As soon as the book was announced I pre-ordered as I was excited to learn more about one of my favourite players life both on and off the pitch. No doubt by the end of November this book will be completed, it has been a while since I have sat down and read but this book could be a turning point.

H&M have impressed me with their clothing lately and I have been that impressed I have actually ended up buying some items out of the women's department for a change. I noticed when looking through my wardrobe I don't have many casual sweatshirts, I was struggling to find a good one too until I came across this UCLA Bruins one, it was a bit more expensive than I would have liked at £24.99 but I decided to treat myself as I had some birthday money left and I am so glad I did. Surprisingly I had to size down twice and the fit is currently perfect. I am definitely going to get my wear out of this through autumn and winter. 

When I was buying the sweatshirt above I came across this red Orlando t-shirt. I absolutely love this t-shirt and again I had to size down twice in this to get it as the perfect fit but you can't go wrong with it. I love the colour and the bold print, I can see this being perfect for a bit of a layered look and I am really hoping it still fits next year when the weather starts to warm up again. 

With me now being back at football and training consistently I needed to get a few pieces of clothing to make sure I always had something to wear. I desperately needed some shorts that were more suited to running around a football pitch and luckily I found the perfect ones in these Sondico ones. These were on offer so I got 2 pairs for around £9 and they seem like they are going to last me a while and are really comfortable. I think I have found my go to football training brand.

Following on with the Sondico theme I really needed some socks for training which would go over my shin pads and to be honest I was just going to go for the cheap, basic Sondico socks they do but in the end I opted for the Elite ones, they are much better fitting and are a lot thicker on the actual foot bit, they fit in my boots perfectly and are cushioned meaning a better fit all round, I don't think I will wear any other socks for training after getting these.

When playing previously I always wore compression shorts under my actual shorts and this is something I am continuing to do this time around. They help with circulation and also help keep you that bit warmer so you can't go wrong with them really. Again these were cheap and on offer if you bought two pairs and so far I have no complaints for them, I was going to get some Nike Pros but at this rate I might just stick with the Sondico ones. 

Finally we have a few more Sondico items for training. This time it is the compression long sleeved tops, another thing I used to wear that I will be wearing again this time around. Again these just help circulation and keep you warm, which is much needed with the current weather here in the UK. I opted for a black and red one as they will go with my kit. I will definitely get my wear out of these as I will be wearing them for playing and training. 

So there you go I think I did quite well when it came to treating myself in October as the football clothing was definitely required and so were a few of the other items in the post. As we are approaching the end of the year I am definitely trying to limit my spending so fingers crossed future posts are around this length or shorter... I need to stop wasting money. Christmas presents are a big priority right now and I need to keep reminding myself of that.

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