Weight Loss #2

So last week I didn't manage to get one of these posts up mainly because there was nothing to report on. After work I was straight into bed due to the fact that this ridiculous cold came back full force, I am just hoping I am finally over it and can get back to usual. Last week I ate pretty bad too because me and Liam just really couldn't be bothered, but this week that is going to change. We went shopping and I actually managed to think meals through and we are stocked up for the week ahead, I even got bit for smoothies again too.

In terms of exercise this week I really want to go all out not only do I want to get back into the gym but I want to do some football work too. Not only will this help with many areas of my weight loss but it also gives me a fun way to do it as it doesn't feel like a chore if I have a football at my feet. Fingers crossed this all goes to plan and I can get doing this. I also want to reintroduce small home workouts into my routine for those days where I can't get to the gym, these will only be light work outs but it still keeps me active.

 I am also thinking that this week I m going to start tracking my food on MyFitnessPal once again, I used to love using this app and it really helped me so why not start again. I now have some kitchen scales in the house meaning it is a lot easier to track. 

So my Aims for the week ahead are:
Get at least 2 gym sessions in
Go do some basic football drills
Get some more football gear for training
Substitute meat out of 2 meals in the week

Start weight : 15st 13 3/4 lb
Current weight : 15st 13

Difference -3/4lb

It may only be a small difference but to say I didn't do very much I am pretty proud of actually losing weight. Lets hope I can keep it up this week. 

Sorry for the super short post but there just really wasn't much to report on last week, but lets hope this week is a different story. 

See you soon,

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