The Blog Is Changing

I have been thinking for a while about the direction I want to take my blog in. Lately I have been getting back into getting post on here about the topics I love and it is really motivating me to dedicate more time to working on much better content, although the content is a slight bit different to before I think these changes are really going to help me get the best out of the blog in the long run.

Back when I started the blog I was really into my beauty, whether it be buying new make up, skin care or hair products I loved it, now though not so much. It is a rare occasion now that I even wear make up, skin care is always put on the back burner mainly as I just try using up products I always have so don't get anything new very often plus I always forget these days to stick to a skincare routine. In terms of my hair, it is lucky if I bother with it on a morning, products are becoming unused and I am generally just lazy so never have things to write about. I just don't enjoy writing anything beauty wise these days, that is why this section will be massively decreased on the blog (in fact it may disappear from the blog all together. I just don't want to write about things for the sake of it, if I do end up getting a product I really love I will write about it but it won't be a common feature.

With my mind made up on the beauty section it got me thinking about what else I wanted to remove from the blog and what I wanted to add to it. I am still debating other areas to change up and possibly remove however, I have definitely made my mind up on some areas I really want to focus on and these are....

Now my weight is dropping and I am being more confident I really want to grow and improve on this section. I want to go out on outfit shoots and highlight the clothing I am really loving, plus my love for trainers is forever growing so I want to show how I style my ever growing collection. I want to highlight the brands I am loving and my favourite pieces. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time now so it is time to make that a focus point. I actually have so many ideas already so keep an eye out for those.

Everyone knows by now I absolutely love football, both the men's and women's games, so I really want to bring more of that onto here. I want to review matches, highlight players who deserve it, cover the World Cup and share my experiences. Not only that but I also want to take you all on my training journey as I use football to get back into shape and maybe get back playing. I honestly think this is going to play a huge part on the blog so get ready for that. Alongside the matches and players I will also be adding product reviews into this section for items such as football boots and clothing and other accessories I try out. Who knows some stadium tours may also feature on here. I honestly think this the section I am most excited about working on, in fact I have actually started up an Instagram just for football which you can check out here

As I said in the football section I am back in training where this be through football or the gym but it is happening. I am really working on my health & fitness at the moment to try and improve it. This section is going to be in full swing over the next few months as I try new workout routines and new products to help me along my journey. This will also include clothing and items I use for gaining this fitness and helping my weight loss journey. This section is going to not only be reviews, but also informative pieces along with updates. I may even add a few recipes into here as my journey progresses. 

One thing I have enjoyed writing about lately is the house and how rooms are coming along. So this is going to keep appearing on here as rooms change. I will also be doing some posts about how I have found moving out and getting to grips of bills and generally just living with Liam. I also want to get out on more trips this year which can focus on here, so in general this lifestyle section is going to be a little bit of everything as it will also include music and any concerts I get to attend and I can't wait to see how it grows.

I also started off a new little series on here yesterday which I titled Book Talk, I am trying to get into reading more this year and I think this series is really going to help me along with that. I actually really enjoyed yesterday's post so I definitely need to get to reading more.

So there you have it keep an eye out on this blog to see how these changes take shape starting very soon. I know I can't wait.

See you soon

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