Future Blog Set Up Goals

Now that I have changed the main focus on the blog I have so many content ideas it is unreal, and I want to make those ideas really come to life and be the best quality I possibly can. Which got me thinking about my blog set up currently and some improvements I would love to make in the future (some are small and some are pretty big) these would help me improve the quality of what I am putting on here.

One big thing I would love to have is my own space to take images and create the visual side of the blog. Where I live we are lucky if we get 10 good days weather wise a year so having a space just to go in to take the images would be a huge benefit. With me doing a lot of things football related I want to start doing equipment reviews and boot reviews so having a space near by where I could just go into no matter what the weather would mean I could make a lot more content throughout the year. This could either be an office locally or even just a shed in our garden but it would make things so much easier. Obviously not all the content would be shot in here as I would love some action sort of shots too but if I could do a few in hear it would really add to the posts.

In this space I would love a little bit of artificial grass to lay down to take the shots on just to give it that football feel and fits the theme a little more. It could be used for showing stud lengths and just adds a little extra to the shots instead of them just being on a plain floor or a carpet which doesn't really showcase the products for what they really are. who knows I could even kit the full room out in this and mark it out as my own little pitch.

I would love the shots to be against a plain white background for a change too as that will really show off the product too. As the product would then become the main focus without anything else in the background, whether that is an object or something on the wall.  

A ring light is something I will definitely be investing in this year as my photography for the blog really needs to be stepped up. I feel like I could do so much better for it and that with the correct lighting this could benefit the blog so much more, plus it could really help my Instagram (which I am trying to build up a following on, if you love football or fitness check out my Instagram here). A ring light is something I had been looking at for quite a while alongside a lightbox as the lighting in our house isn't as good as it could be so something to add a bit of extra light would be a huge benefit. 

It is not only lighting I want to work on but I also really want to start actually editing my photos, this is something I have never done but I know it will make the quality so much better. I really want to learn how to get the most out of my images and how to make them really stand out and look the best they can so this year I will also be investing in a photo editing tool, I just aren't sure which yet so if you have any recommendations please let me know.  

This might sound like a bit of a weird one but if I get my own space for the blog I just want a plain white table, just something nice and simple for it  I wanted to do some unboxings or if I had any posts where the image would be better suited to be taken from a height instead of on the floor. Plus it will also double up as a desk for when I sit down to type the content up, I just wonder if I could actually keep it looking white after a few weeks. The good thing about these is that the are pretty in expensive too.

If I got an office or shed big enough I wuld really love to recreate part of it to look like part of a changing room. Complete with changing room style seating and hanging space, it would just really add to the feel of the room and give it such a football style. I could hang jersey in there for images and ultimately use it for creating the content as well as it looking brilliant. There is so much inspiration for this available online and I really love to have that as part of my set up.

Finally to me this is one of the biggest parts, I would want somewhere to store any boots or equipment over time and Ikea would be the first place I turned for this. They just have some many different options I could go for. I love the Lack shelf where I could put a pair of boots on each shelf for an easy display but I also love the cube storage units, I could have boots in each cube with a mix of colours and styles on display. Plus the cubes could also have equipment in baskets hidden away. It just means items are out of the house and in their own little space. 

So there you have it those are the things I would love to have as part of my blog set up in the future. It is just so nice finding the motivation to post new content and get it online, I just really hope these changes I have made really benefit me and I can keep up with the schedule have created myself. Hopefully some of these set up changes may come into play at some point too.

See you soon

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