Starting On The Spare Room

Finally after nearly 11 months in the house (I can't quite believe it has gone so fast) we are finally starting on the 3rd bedroom. The other 2 rooms are now sorted out fully one is our bedroom the other is our games room (there is a post about this coming soon). The spare room is one I have wanted to start on for ages as not only is this going to be our guest room but it is also going to be mainly my dressing room, this is where I will be spending my time doing my hair and making sure my outfit looks ok before heading out. It is also where my record player is going to be kept so it will be a bit of a relaxing room for me too. 

Me and Liam both had a day off work on Monday seen as we were up late watching the Super Bowl. This was the perfect time for me to drag him to Ikea to measure up for our furniture for this room and pick up a few bits for other rooms. But once we came home it was a chance to tackle clearing out the spare room. It was the dumping ground when we moved and has stayed that way since. There where bags and boxes all over and it was time to sort it. 

I think we did pretty well and when you now walk into that room all you will see is the ironing board, sofa bed, old desk, wallpaper and the shower we are getting rid of. The ironing board will be moving very soon, and the shower is going for good as it was left by the previous owner and we really don't want it, the desk is going to Liam's mum too so it isn't going to waste. The sofa bed is actually what we are using in this room so we are going to give it a real good clean and hopefully it will look as good as new. 

Now it is a lot clearer we can really get a picture as to where furniture is going to go and get a real sense of how it is all going to come together. I really wish we held off on ordering a carpet as I can honestly say I really just want the floor boards now. But the carpet will still look good in here.

There is still so much to do in this room alongside removing the bigger items. We need to strip all the wallpaper off the walls, which shouldn't be too hard as most is coming off already. We also have a little bit of a wall to knock out just to add a little extra space to the room. Once all that is done it will be a case of filling holes in the walls and glossing anywhere that needs doing. Then comes the fun part, the wallpapering, luckily we have my dad on hand for this so that should be up in no time. Then we just need to get the carpet down, put shelves & mirrors up, hang the radiator and we can fill it back up with our furniture. In terms of the image above I think that wood will stay where it is and just be sanded and white washed to fit with the rest of the room as this is where my record player will be living and the white shelves will be above it. We are definitely going to require a new radiator in this room as the others are so old and barely give out any heat.

Now comes the fun bit, actually buying the items for the room, I haven't really started getting bits as we didn't really have storage whilst the room was being worked on, but I have seen so much I want to get already. So still to buy for this room is:
  • Full length mirror
  • Small mirror for above dressing table
  • Dressing table
  • Alex Drawers 
  • Shelves
  • Wallpaper for 3 walls & ceiling
  • Radiator
  • Curtain Pole
  • Curtains
  • Cushions 
  • Decorative Accessories
  • Light fitting
  • Light shade
I am sure there is more that is going to be needed to get this room completed but for now this is all I can think of. I just can't wait for it to be completed.  It is so nice seeing how the house is coming along and also documenting parts on here I also have an updated dining room post coming soon and more house posts coming up in the future so keep checking back to see them.

See you soon,

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