If I won the lottery I wouldn't tell anyone but there would be signs

 'If I won the lottery or came into money I wouldn't tell anyone but there would be signs', this is something I have seen floating around on TikTok & Instagram lately and honestly it has got me thinking... if either of those things happened to me I certainly wouldn't go around telling everyone but I would slowly make changes to my life that have previously been on the back burner due to the money I currently have. There would certainly be signs in all aspects of my life some big and some small and here are what those signs would be...


In terms of general life this is where quite a few things would change. Life is something I have wanted to switch up for a while but I don't have a magic money tree. If I came into money or won the lottery here are some things in life that would change...

Jobs in the house would finally be done

We have been in the house 6 years now and the progress has been slow which is starting to annoy me now. If I came into money then the first thing I would do is get people in to do the hallway, all downstairs and the kitchen. I would also get the driveway, trees and gates sorted too just to make the house look nicer on the outside as well as on the inside. Doing the house room by room we have seen just how quickly costs start to rack up so a big lump some to get it all done would be the dream.

Go on more holidays

For the past few years our money has been going on the house so we haven't managed to get on as many holidays as we would probably have wished for however, if the money came in then I would make sure we took full advantage and went on more holidays, granted they would be stay-cations as we wouldn't leave the dog but visiting different parts of the UK sounds perfect to me. 

More date nights

There would definitely be more date nights thrown into the mix, nice restaurants, theatre trips, concerts you name it. Me and Liam would definitely enjoy spending more time together so this would be a big priority. To be honest we need to start doing this already, maybe put some money to one side each month and take it from there. It is about time I started treating him more often.

New tech

You bet if I got some extra money I would be straight to the Apple store to get myself a new iPad and some Air-pods which have been on my wish list forever. These would be super useful and I could even get the Mac for content I have had my eye on. There would also be new gaming PC's brought in for me and Liam and new accessories to go with them.

New car

I guess everyone has a dream car? Well I have two a Jeep Wrangler or a Defender. If I suddenly came into money I would definitely make sure I had enough to purchase one of these i just don't know which one it would end up being. These cars have been on the vision board for a long time, a girl can dream right? 


In terms of fashion this is where I can really play about if I came into money and I could build the wardrobe I have always dreamt of. I am slowly finding my own style and finding ways to be more me through the clothing I wear. If the money came rolling in here is what would be more noticeable...

A better wardrobe 

If I had more money a wardrobe upgrade would 100% be taking place. I would head out to get those items I have always wanted but not got around to getting due to their cost. A Ralph Lauren trip would be on the cards and then I would spend time shopping around for those perfect pieces for my wardrobe. I would be looking a lot smarter and more put together that is for sure.

A better footwear rotation

I wouldn't be wearing the same beat up sneakers day in day out that is for sure. I would make sure I always had some crisp white sneakers on the go, some smart sneakers, smart shoes and various boots to mix up what I wear with each outfit. There would be no more throwing on any random pair and thought will go into purchases rather than following trends.

A better fragrance rotation

Any extra money would definitely be put towards upgrading my fragrance rotation as there are so many different fragrances out there that I would love to get my hands on however, they just cost so much money these days. Tom Ford would definitely being added back in the rotation but I would also love to try some fragrances from brands I haven't previously tried.

Better skincare

Just like with the fragrances, there are so many skincare products I want to add into my rotation and try at long last however, the price has always been off putting. I would love to have a much needed upgrade in the skincare department with brands that I have always wanted to try out. The likes of Origin & Kiehl's would definitely be being purchased.

Better accessories

If the money came in my watch collection would definitely grow with a mixture of brands but I would also make sure I was upgrading my jewellery too because there is no point having a nice watch next to a cheap bracelet is there? All my accessories would get an upgrade right down to the belts I wear on a day to day basis. 

There you have it the trend really did get me thinking and honestly these are the ways that people would notice if I won the lottery or came into money, the changes wouldn't be noticeable right away but they would definitely happen over time. 

What would you change if you won the lottery or came into money?

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