it is time to start thinking about the spare room upgrades...


We are slowly but surely making our way around the house redoing all the rooms we rushed to get done when we originally moved in nearly 6 years ago now. The spare room is basically the box room of the house however, it has become one of my most used areas in the house as this is where I keep all of my football things and where I create all my content whether it is for social media or the blog. With this area being multi use I really want to maximize it's potential and I will be more or less splitting the room in half. One side will be for content creating, blogging and everything football whilst the other side is going to be more of a dressing room vibe, I will do another post in the future detailing the plans and how things are progressing but for now today's post is going to be all the things I would love to add to the room. 

It is all about making this room a nice space to be in and making it easy to create content in whilst still making it easy to keep clean & tidy. So here are the items I would love to add...

Longer floating shelves

At the moment the shelves in this room are tiny and you can barely fit anything on them. The plan though is to get some much longer ones that run across the smaller wall in the room, if I could fit 4 in here that would be great as I can have a few for Lego displays and maybe a few for football things however, until they are up and the room is decluttered the only guaranteed shelves are those Lego ones.

Longer clothing rail

For the dressing area of the room I want a clothing rail mounted to the wall that is a bit longer than my current one. I want somewhere where I can hang my clothing for the week and any bits I need to shoot content for, it can also be for hanging in those new in bits that I need to take pics of so I know exactly where they are.

Somewhere for my hats

I have a lot of baseball caps and it is about time I found somewhere to store them properly so I am thinking of maybe having a few hooks on the wall to cover these. I am not sure whether to just keep my favourites hung up or current rotation with the excess going into a storage box ready to be easily accessed. I am just fed up of these getting ruined as some have cost a fair bit of money. 

Shoe rack

Now this one will only be small and will go under the clothing rail and up against the Alex drawers. I won't be filling this though as it will be reserved for the footwear that makes up the current rotation at the time. Hopefully this will also mean I rotate the footwear I wear rather than wearing the same pair day in day out like I do currently. 

Storage baskets

I have a Kallax unit that holds all my football shirts but the plan is to condense how many sections I use for this so I can add some more of the storage baskets in here. These baskets will hold some football memorabilia and so blogging accessories such as notebooks or paper work. It just means everything will be in one spot rather than being all over the place. I am also going to keep one for all my football training things such as shin pads and bag fillers which I use every game day alongside my training clothing. I am also thinking a nice basket for under my desk where I can put in all those new in bits I need to take pictures of so that everything is again in one place.

Frames for the football shirts

This one I already have the frames for however, I haven't sorted them yet as I wanted to wait until the room was redone so I weren't having too many holes in the wall. I have 4 or 5 frames so this should cover the football side of the room well without it being too crowded and will house all my special shirts. Over the years I have picked up a fair few signed shirts and it is about time I displayed them so they were looked after too.

IKEA pegboard

Every time I go to IKEA I get drawn over to the pegboards and have the ideas going round in my head for what I want to include on the board if I did get it. The plan for this is to get a board and have it for all the little tech bits that I constantly lose such as the adapters for my Macbook and cables. I am really hoping I can get one to fit in the room as it would be very beneficial.  

I am determined that this room is going to be a nice mix that isn't just football like it currently is and fingers crossed it flows nicely throughout. There are so many more plans to make for this room but it is 100% guaranteed to be completed in the first half of this year which means the jobs in the house are well and truly going to plan. I am sure there will be plenty of posts about this room as things progress but for now I need to get the bedroom finished before moving onto project number 2.

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