February 2024 Favourites

That is the shortest month of the year over and done with but it has been a busy month filled with plenty of fun filled activities. It looked like it would be a quiet month to begin with however, things really started to pick up and things got busier than I ever expected. Thanks to it being busy though I have discovered a fair few new favourites whilst also rediscovering old ones, so here is what made the cut for February's favourites...


Seeing what I own 

Thanks to redoing the bedroom I have finally had to sort out the dreaded wardrobe. I am so glad that I have had to do this though as it has helped me find clothing items that were long forgotten about and that would be beneficial for the style I am hoping to achieve from now on. This has meant that I don't actually need to buy as much as I first anticipated which I am pleased with as it will save me a fair bit of money until I need a restock due to sizes.


Adidas Forums

I said that I wouldn't be wearing these sneakers everyday however, I have worn them most days still as I am absolutely loving them. They are so comfortable and the velcro strap adds a little extra to the outfits. I am definitely needing to move away from these soon though as they don't really go with the style I am opting for once I put a bit more effort into outfits plus they are now starting to look worse for wear and need an upgrade if they are going to be worn as much as they currently are.


Back on the football pitch

After a bit of a break from the game I am finally back playing but for a new team this time. We are only training and playing friendlies at the moment but it is so good to be back on the pitch finally enjoying the game once more. Being back on the pitch has led to me enjoying creating football content too so everything is finally falling into place at long last and I am loving it. Now to start performing better on the pitch again as I am a bit rusty. 


Getting through jobs

After what felt like the most unproductive year in 2023 I am so glad that we are making good progress in 2024. February's favourite is definitely getting through the jobs that got put off last year as there is no need to delay things any longer. The bedroom just needs a few finishing touches and the gym planning is already underway. We have also started making plans for the spare room so we can jump straight into the next jobs once the previous is done. We have even started putting together a list of other jobs that we want to get done in between the bigger jobs so we can make as much progress as we can.



I have put Alex Scott's book to one side for a little bit to give myself a break as I fancied reading something a little different. I have had Fangirl sat on my bookshelf for so long now so when it came to picking a book to take to the spa there was no other option for me. I haven't got too far in the book just yet due to me now juggling two books however, I am actually enjoying what I have read so far and can't wait to spend more time with this book. 


What's Good Games

What's Good Games had been on a break for a while however, it has finally returned thanks to a recent PlayStation State of Play. I had really been missing listening to the podcast so to have those regular episodes back is fantastic and I am back to looking forward to catching up on latest episodes on weekends after their Friday release. Let's hope there are no more extended breaks from the podcast any time soon.

Overall highlight of the month 

Mentality changing

February has been another month where I have noticed an improvement in my mentality. I am not letting things get to me if they aren't going to plan anymore and I am keeping a positive attitude even when I am being tested which to be honest isn't as much as it previously has been. The mentality change is definitely helping in many aspects of my life and I am really hoping that it is here to stay and can only get better.

Favourite thing I have learned

Slow and steady wins the race

Previously when doing jobs around the house I have wanted everything done as soon as possible however, with the bedroom work I have realised that slow and steady wins the race. By breaking the jobs down and taking them nice and steady things are getting done properly and with a better finish. Even taking time to pick out the accessories is making the room come together better as we are looking at details rather than buying for the sake of it. Let's hope I can keep reminding myself of this as other jobs take place in the house.

It is safe to say February was a short month that was packed with plenty of fun things to make it another great month. I am really impressed with how the year is going so far as it is certainly 10 times better than 2023 was. Now let's see what March has in store for me...

What were your favourite things from February?

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