February 2024 goals

 Here we go time for a new month and time to see the goals out for the month. January might have been a month of not every goal being ticked off however, it was a very good month overall and has helped me hit the ground running in 2024. I am really hoping to keep momentum up in February and have another fantastic month with even more of the goals ticked off. So here are the goals that I have set myself for February...


Fully declutter the wardrobe

The new wardrobe will be being built and fit in February which gives me the perfect chance to go through all my clothes whilst I am filling those wardrobes and drawers up. I want to make sure I am only putting back the pieces that I am going to wear and those pieces that will fit the style I am aiming for currently and into the future. Anything that doesn't fit that style or is looking worse for wear is going I am not holding onto things for the sake of it anymore.

Upgrade key pieces whilst filling the wardrobe and drawers

Now this is a bit of a random one really however, I am determined that I am not putting ruined clothing back into the wardrobe so those key pieces I will be restocking and putting the new in whilst getting rid of the old. This includes those white socks that are no longer white & those plain t-shirts that are well and truly faded. 

No wearing my Adidas Forums daily

I mentioned in my January wrap up post that the Forums are now looking worse for wear and I have noticed the glue is coming apart in some places so it is about time they were retired to dog walking duties. I am determined that February is the month where these are retired and I start wearing something different each day. I will be going through and picking out some key pairs I want to wear in February and will be holding myself to wearing those.

Sort my footwear out

This was on the goal list for January however, due to the mess from the bedroom work it just never took place. If all goes to plan though the bedroom will be done mid February meaning that some space will be freed up and I will be able to sit and get rid of all those destroyed pairs and see just what I have got once again. This job really needs to take place ASAP so lets hope that at the end of the month I will be reporting it as achieved.

Sort out all my football shirts

The spare room is a mess at the moment and my football shirts are a big reason why, they are once again all over the place even though they have their own home in the Kallax unit. I want to set aside a few hours in February to just tidy this area up and actually start getting it ready for when the spare room gets decorated even though it wont be for a while. I just want easy access for those that I wear and a safe space for those that are more collectible. 


Switch off and enjoy my spa day

Something from my 30 before 30 list (more on that another day) is to have a spa day and we are actually going for one for my sisters birthday in February. I am really looking forward to this and I am going to make sure I make the most of the time there by fully switching off. This will mean no phone and taking a book with me to read, that day will be a full day of relaxation. 

Fully complete the bedroom

The plasterer is coming on the second of February so if all goes to plan we are hoping that the bedroom will be fully completed by the 20th however, if we got it done sooner that would be even better. We are determined though that this room will be complete and put back together in February so we can have the house back and work towards our next project which is still to be decided.

Sort the football box out 

I am officially a part of a new team now and lets just say I can't wait to get started. My first friendly with them is on the 18th of February so before then I want to get my football box in order with everything I need for the friendlies and training sessions. I am sick of losing everything so if this is in order it will make getting ready for games and training so much easier. 

Deep clean and declutter bathroom

Once the bedroom is done or whilst the plaster is drying the plan is to tackle the bathroom. We are wanting to clear the shelves and only keep what is in date or what we use as at the moment the shelves are carnage. The plan is then to give it a deep clean as although this room is cleaned daily it still needs a deeper clean. 

One long walk a week

This started so well in January but we fell off track so the plan is to get back to one day on the weekend being dedicated to a longer walk. There is no excuse for us not to get up and start the day on the right foot so lets see if we can get it to go to plan. Even with a few busy weekends coming up we should still be able to do them. 


Post daily on TNG Fitness 

My fitness & weight loss journey is going really well at the moment and I really want to keep on top of it so the plan is to keep myself accountable to keep the progress rolling in. A daily post should really help with keeping me consistent on my journey and help me hopefully progress and drop even more weight in February. 

Make sure I am clicking publish on blog posts

I have been terrible lately with having blog posts ready to post but then forgetting to press publish when the day rolls around. It leads to me messing up my schedule and double posting far too often so I am going to be making sure I am hitting publish and getting those posts out on time in February. 

Post daily on the Edge of the Area Tik Tok 

I have more than enough content ready to go for the Edge of the Area Tik Tok if I just sat and got organised this would run so smoothly. I have plans for sticker openings, card openings and plenty of other fun football related content so let's hope this is smashed in February. I have seen a bit of growth on the platform in January so a bit of consistency could help me see even more.

Start filming reels & Tik Tok's for TNG

There are so many ideas floating around in my mind for this however, I just keep delaying filming them so I am setting myself the goal to do this in February. I want to have enough for a reel a week and a Tik Tok 3 times a week so we will see how things go.  

Stay consistent

The final goal of the month is simply to stay consistent with my content, I want to be overall posting more content that is better than it has been across all platforms and I am also hoping to be posting on here & the gaming blog 5 times a week so a post every Monday to Friday. For the football one I will be planning on posting 3 times a week to start with that consistency I am looking for. A bit of consistency should do me the world of good. 

So there you go those are my goals for the month of February, you may have noticed that there are no fitness goals on here this time around but that is because I am going to be moving those over to a specific monthly post for my weight loss and fitness journey. 

Now let's see how much we can tick off from these February goals...

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