February 2024 goals wrap up

Well February was a pretty good month in some aspects whilst being not so good in other ways however, it is done now and we are looking ahead to a new month which will hopefully see even more goals ticked off the list which will be coming in a post tomorrow. For now though it is time to take a look and see how many of the goals I set myself for February played out...

Fully declutter the wardrobe

We really cut it fine with this one however, we managed to get it ticked off as a completed and I am so glad we did. The wardrobe has needed decluttering for a long time now and it has been a job we have been putting off. Seen as we had to remove everything to do the bedroom we have had the perfect opportunity to get everything out and go through everything which is exactly what we did. We managed to get rid of a lot of old clothing that was well worn or didn't fit and the wardrobes are looking better than ever now. This got done just before the end of the month and it is a huge relief now the wardrobe is much better.

Upgrade key pieces whilst filling the wardrobe and drawers

I was really looking forward to doing this however, I have actually been good for a change and haven't been shopping. I am definitely needing to upgrade some pieces but I am taking my time with this one and shopping around for the items rather than buying them cheap for the sake of it. The key pieces will definitely be being purchased before my first trip away of the year though so keep an eye out to see what I do pick up.

No wearing my Adidas Forums daily

Unfortunately this one didn't play out as well as I had hoped either. I still can't access the majority of my footwear and the Forums are still very comfortable although they definitely need to be retired now as they are worse for wear. I did a few days with different footwear but it is certainly something I need to work on.

Sort my footwear out

As I said in regards to the Forums unfortunately things footwear wise didn't go to plan in February. The shoe area is still well and truly blocked off along with the rest of the hallway. I really need to get the house back in some form of order now the bedroom is basically done and once the hallway has space in it I will be sitting and making sure all the footwear is decluttered once and for all.

Sort out all my football shirts

I think I am about 75% of the way through doing this and I can't wait for it to be done. All I have done really is tidy up where I store the shirts which was much needed. When it comes to sorting the spare room out though I will be sorting these out much better and finding correct homes for each piece.


Switch off and enjoy my spa day

 Now this goal I managed to fully complete and I am so glad I did. The day was great as I left my phone in my bag and indulged in a new book whilst enjoying a back massage and facial & lounging around the pool before finishing with a lovely meal. The switch off was certainly needed and honestly I think days like this may need to be a bit more of a regular occurrence.

Fully complete the bedroom

We fell just short of this goal however, it is safe to say a lot of progress was made in here. We just have some cutting in to finish and the new skirting to go on and the room is done at long last. Although a few more accessories may need to be added too as B&M have some brilliant pieces in at the moment. I am so happy with how this room looks now and can't wait to get started on the next job.

Sort the football box out 

Some more bits have been added to this however, it is not as organised as I would like it to be so I guess you could say there is still more work to be done here. It is certainly nice having a space to store all my football things in though as it means finding things on game day or for training is much easier. Getting this sorted is going to take place once and for all though so everything has a home at long last.

Deep clean and declutter bathroom

The bathroom has been cleaned however, the deep clean is still to take place and that is due to the bathroom being full of bits from the bedroom as we needed the storage space. The declutter also needs to take place as at the moment the room is overflowing with products we will never use and it stops us being able to access things we would like to use.

One long walk a week

Unfortunately this one hasn't gone to plan as the weekends have just turned chaotic. The plan was to go out on Saturday's or Sunday's for a longer walk but the weather & housework put a stop to that. I really do need to get back into the habit of doing these though as I know it will be super beneficial for me all round to just get out and enjoy the fresh air. 


Post daily on TNG Fitness 

I started off so well with this one however, I fell off track a little bit in the middle of the month and just couldn't get the habit back. I did notice a bit of progress when posting daily though so it is a habit I really need to get back into. I wonder how many times I could post in March?

Make sure I am clicking publish on blog posts

Again I started off so well with this one however, fell off track when things got a little busier. The days when I did hit post though I saw some great traffic coming to the site so I just need to get in the habit of publishing the posts as soon as I am up and ready in a morning. 

Post daily on the Edge of the Area Tik Tok 

Oh look there is a theme to the content goals, I got started on them and fell off track. This is another one where I started and things were going really well but then one day off led to a week off and the consistency dropped. The numbers were great when I was posting so I need to get back to it.

Start filming reels & Tik Tok's for TNG

I managed to get a fair few bits filmed in February which I am quite proud of. I now just need to get them edited so that I can get them posted but honestly I find that the worst task. I am hoping though this means the filming bug is back and I can get into posting reels and Tik Tok's more so I can see the growth on my accounts.

Stay consistent

As you can tell by the past few goals the consistency was there to begin with but then dropped right off. When the consistency was there things were going brilliant so I know if I can just get back to that then life would be so much easier so we shall try again in March and see how things go. 

So there you have it that is how my goals for February went, it was definitely a mixture of getting things done and not so let's hope March is much better and we can tick almost everything off as I am determined to make it a super productive month with plenty of improvement all round. 

Check back tomorrow to see what goals I am setting myself for March... 

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