Time to get some of these jobs completed...


Here we are in April and so far every goal I set for myself isn't going to plan even the jobs I wanted to get done house wise. I was really hoping at least one job might be well underway however, I have been delaying those jobs far too much and it is now time to get cracking on that is why in the next week or so well will be making a start on now 1 but 2 jobs and both these are going to be outdoor ones as they are a bit of a priority to us at the moment. I really wanted to have already have made a start on these jobs by now however, the weather hasn't been on our side so now there seems to be a bit of a break in the weather it is time to get cracking and get these jobs done or at least well underway. The plan is to get the outdoors done so that as the weather gets nicer we can spend plenty of time outside enjoying the space, something we have yet to do despite being in our home 5 years now. The plan is to get the back garden completed at long last and to get the home gym built and ready to use which is going to be a big cost overall but is definitely going to be worth it in the long run.

Luckily the garden should be relatively low cost and we can do all the jobs required in this area ourselves which is going to be super helpful for what we are wanting to do elsewhere. This area is a case of tidying up the artificial grass, just giving it a good sweep and clean down after a long winter period simply by doing this the grass area should look as good as new once more. The border around the edge of the grass will also require a bit of a wash down and the lights putting back into place as I have noticed a few of those have fallen over. That is more or less the easy bit and shouldn't take too long, then it is a case of jet washing the decking and fence just to clean it up a bit as it has definitely caught the worst of it during the winter period and could use a bit of a refresh. Once that is all washed and dried though we will actually be painting the decking and the fence, at long last we have made the decision to go ahead with doing this and hopefully it will really transform this space, I can't wait to see it all come together. Before putting all the furniture back in place everything will be getting a really good clean & tidy up just to get ready for this nicer weather we are long overdue. We are finally filling up the planters on the front of the decking too, again this has been a very long time coming but I can't wait to add a bit of colour to the garden with some nice flowers in this area. Finally it will be a case of adding any extra decorations just to add a bit extra to the area like more lights, ornaments and things such as candles. I am sure I will be doing a garden purchase haul once I get to this stage too either on here or on Instagram as I have my eye on quite a few nice pieces for this area.

I am really hoping that if all goes to plan the back garden will all be completed within one weekend and if this is the case then even better as we can progress onto other jobs much sooner, plus it is a budget friendly activity which is going to keep us busy at home without spending extra money on unnecessary shopping trips. It is the gym build that is going to be much more hard work and we are 100% going to need to have help for this one too as there no way we can build a safe gym. The plan for this is a lot more drawn out too. 

The first job is going to be a case of dismantling the old garage structure and disposing of it, once this is done and out of the way we have our blank slate ready to get on with the new build. The first thing is going to be a case of creating the new foundations for the building and filling in the big hole in the floor. Once that is done we can get the new structure built and set in place, I am just hoping we do this right and it is super strong as where the gym is going is battered by constant winds. I also need to source a budget friendly door for here, one that is nice a secure. When the structure is in place and the door is in we can then get the new structure clad and looking fantastic from the outside. We will then add any drainage needed to the building and in front of it to stop the structure getting damp or having any leaks.

Once the cladding is done it is time to move inside where we are going to need to create a concrete floor and get that all level before starting on any other area, this floor needs to be strong enough to withstand weights and heavy equipment. We are going have to run electrics in here too for lighting and plugs so the sooner we do that the better as this will be best done on a dry day. Once the electrics are in place we can plasterboard or MDF the walls (not decided yet but it will be the cheapest option) and cut out for the electric fixtures to be placed. Once everything is fixed and the walls are in place it will be time to paint the gym, I think we might go for a black or dark grey space as I prefer the moody tones for workouts and it should look great once it is all done, I might even paint a quote onto the wall or add some decorations just to add a bit of something to the walls.

 That should be all the messy work done so after quick sweep of the floor we can get some proper gym flooring down to keep ab exercises comfortable and keep it safe for working out in whilst also protecting the equipment. As soon as the flooring is down we will be moving in the current equipment which is 2 bikes, a rower, weights and a fit cube. Once we have everything in place we can move it all into its own space whilst planning where we can fit a treadmill in the near future, I am just hope we have plenty of space for this but only time will tell. I want a cardio area in one half and a weights and floor work area in the other so once everything is in place and I know where the weights area is going to be I can add in some mirrors and get planning for if I can fit a rack or wall mounted rack in this section and any extra weights. I can also sort out the best storage for weights and other small equipment as I will know just how much space I am going to have left over as I don't want to gym to be too cluttered. At least once the gym is up I can get saving for the other equipment that is going to be added.

This gym build is certainly going to be a long process however, I would really love for it to be done by the summer as it will also mean that I get the house back as currently it is over run with gym equipment from lockdown and purchase in anticipation of the build. Just having the permanent gym space is going to be fantastic as workouts will be much easier due to everything having its own space rather than having to drag everything out for an hour for it to be put straight back away.

Once these two jobs are done it will mean we can enjoy the two spaces as much as possible whilst getting back to saving for those jobs indoors and it will also mean we can make a start on those low cost jobs such as the front garden and the side garden whilst the weather is still good.

Now let's get cracking on as I can't wait for this gym at long last.

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